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Vineman 70.3 (my) race report

Vineman 70.3 !  If you want a generic (not about me) recap of the Vineman Course, check this out this blog.  If you want to read about my race, continue. If you don't want to read about my race, than why are you on MY blog.

I call it panic training, but I would guess my diligent coach Mike Ricci would probably call it strategic coaching.   Let's be real, 7 weeks ago, Vineman 70.3 was looking like an Aquabike.  But I started running, 10 minutes at a time, and we slowly began to build.  Once I hit the 1 hour mark I knew I could participate in Vineman.  It was really only 14 days out that I did some volume runs and they were SLOW.  Some runs said "see how you feel"  Okay so I did them by easy effort and they were so slow I freaked out and ran hard to nail it, But who was I kidding, I LOST a lot in 11 weeks.

LOVE Cervelo, Betty Designs, Nytro, Enve
Going into Vineman I had zero pain in my shin - it  is 100%!  So good there... In the big scheme that is all that counts until I run slowly off the bike and I was pissed.  So I had a few or maybe 2 solid runs.  And let's face it I am NOT a runner. For me to run well OTB the planets need to align and it needs to be a full moon.  So.... the plan was

Swim 27
Bike 2:40
Run 1:50


Swim 27.06
Bike 2:39:32 with goal power spot on
Run- FAIL  1:52 XX

Temps were not predicted to be really hot but I still did the Osmos pre load Sat night and race am. 1600mg sodium

Breakfast: 250c whole wheat bagel with espresso almond butter and honey and 250 calories gatorade endurance + 1 monster cup STRONG french press coffee with coconut milk
Julie and Liz ready to rock- just missing Monica 

15 min pre- swim: Salted carmel gu.

Swim- sleeveless wetsuit and awesome mirrored Roka goggles.  Swam hard and stayed focused- only yelled 3 times at the idiots  my fellow racers who decided to stand up and walk in front of me.   Did not take the line to the bridge- I followed the buoys which go in and out- swim distance on my fancy new Garmin 910xt was 1.3 miles- dang it!

Still clocked fasted amateur swim time.  Transition was muddy, I refuse to bring a towel to a triathlon - ever-  but I wished I had one Sunday.

Ok confession time - to the nice female racked next to me, I did wipe off the mud and rocks on your towel.  It was a giant beach towel so I hope you did not mind, plus you had a bin of water and luggage with I am not sure what.   On my bike, clipped in and riding up the hill yelling for the 2nd time in the race  get the F out of the way politely asking the people walking up the hills to move a smidgen to the right so I could please pass.

Bike: plan was to ride a bit harder than I have before. Rode 5 watts higher AP and felt awesome. The last 6 miles I was riding + 10 watts aero and totally comfortable.   New fueling plan was ALL liquids- I was guzzling gatorade endurance the entire ride and it went down fine. For those who care- pee'd 3 times on the bike.  I was ready to rock the run, but did not have the miles in me.

T2 - hello LONG run .3 miles with your bike. Luckily I left my shoes on the bike and was able to  run along.

I was feeling awesome at this time.  Chugged 12 oz water and another salted carmel gu.  YUM.  really  it was good.

Run. 1st mile was epic! holding back feeling good,  mile 2-4 were good and than the 6 weeks of running showed it's ugly head.  I was not dying per se, I just did not have another gear.   The Garmin was lying to me, okay telling me the truth and around the Vineyard at La Crema (which is one of my favorite Chardonnay's BTW) I was shouting grumbling obscenities at how slow I was going,  Maybe the Garmin is broken, I was so hopeful I asked a guy running with me, hey what pace are you running. He replies and I say F.  

Okay so now I pull out my running mantras
1- be happy you CAN run !
2- You are capable of more than you realize
3- why do I suck at running . I want to be a gazelle- I hate that girl that just ran by me
4- Smile - its hard to be grumpy when everything hurts-  BET ME :)
Jen Sloan- love this girl. We met 10 years
ago at Vineman- she was winning her AG than
and still winning today -with an 18 mo old!  

I then I take it 1 mile at a time.

Around mile 8 I see the love of my life John and my rockstar daughter Riley- I am re-energized for 11 seconds  a while and start counting down.   It was not pretty, it was slow and I got spanked by 1st place. BUT I know, I know be happy.... I did happily accept my award and am thankful to have held onto 2nd place.  You cannot expect race day miracles at 48.   I get it I get it but I don't to like it .

1 - swim was good
2- bike was good
3- run was what I deserved

500 calories breakfast- see above
100 c pre swim
Bike: 120 oz gatorade endurance  -720 calories.  8 salt stick + tabs
Run: 1 gu out of transition. Every aid station 1 cup gatorade and 1 cup water and as much water as I could pour over me.

Post race rocked.. award with my No1 daughter Riley who came up from Santa Cruz to support and cheer!    Dinner at our place with Elaine, Tony, Liz, Gunnar, Riley, Chuck and Jen and Annecy- really the best part of this sport is the people we meet and the fun we have and wine we drink  post race.

Vineman was not an A race it was a gift... up next
Santa Barbara long course and Ironman Tahoe- I have work to do

I hate the thank you speeches but I would not be where I am without the "village" that supports me.  My #1 fan and love - John!  Mike Ricci- my coach who puts up with a lot - let just leave it at that)  Groove Tri, Nytro Multsport, SmithOptics, Enve Wheels, Cervelo  Roka and Betty Designs

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