Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to train 20+ hours a week and manage 2 jobs

  • First your job must be somewhat flexible in the hours you need to be accessible, on the phone, present 
  • You must be willing to work at 4am and 11pm (if you are riding your bike for 3-5 hours in the middle of the day) you have to "pay the piper"  There is still work to be done, so making the time is critical.  Having a spouse that understands you will work many evenings is really helpful. As is not owning a TV. 
  • iPhone is mandatory, maybe a droid will work, but I know an iPhone definitely works

  • set special ring tones for urgent calls - this way I never miss an important call and don't get off my bike for a solicitation call. This changes for me, depending on the project or who I need to speak with. So I am constantly changing based on the day or the project. 
  • VIP email.  Again I make the key people VIP so when I check my phone and see 81 emails I don't need to scroll through them all, I just look at VIP and reply as needed 
  • Siri  read my email (  thank you Jen)  this is new to me - but yesterday I put in  headphone and asked Siri to please read emails and away she went.  
  • Flexibility - sometimes a workout has to move if an urgent call comes up 
  • Apps- I have office and adobe on my phone to review docs if necessary
  • Laptop in the car if out for a while, in case I need to edit, review or do more than the iPhone can handle.  Either pop in a Sbux or use my personal hot spot to log on and go.  
In some ways I am working all the time but with really generous breaks!   I don't mind working weekends or nights to have the schedule I do.

Flexible schedules also allow for more travel!
Yes this does not work if you are required to be in an office, but we create our own work environment.
When people say I am "lucky" to have such flexible hours - I say yes, but luck was  small part of it.  I left the corporate world 9 years ago to become a contract employee and build my own business with HPN Global.  I prospected, lived on a limited budge, dug and built a business on my own time. And 4 years ago I started coaching.  So both my businesses are self created and self owned.  I wanted a flexible lifestyle and with that benefits are huge!  

You are in control of how you live your life!!  

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