Sunday, May 17, 2015

Triathlete again (in a tiny way)

Okay it happened... 4x actually!  After 11 weeks and 3 days (not that I was counting) I went for a run, well did not go for a run, I ran.  It took me 30 min to actually run 10 minutes.

My coach is being crazy conservative (which is ok) so I ran 1 min/walked 2 min on a treadmill at Equinox in LA.  I was "that girl" walking on a treadmill, but I did run 10 minutes without pain. Of course on the TM next to me was a 5'10' 120 lb lean/ripped chick running at at 7:00 pace like it was 11:00.  I tired to not hate her, but I secretly did.

I felt awkward but I ran! I may have even broken a sweat.

2 days later I managed 15 min on a soft surface with okay success.  2 days later I ran 20 min with a few walk breaks on hard sand - no pain it was magical.  I nearly jumped in Johns arms when I finished. 2 days later 25 min and 2 days later 30 min, all with walk breaks on the trails with Roo/Mako and Liz!  Awesome.  

The 30 min was 5 min run/1 walk AND it was after a 5+ hour Rice/Couser Canyon ride.  I felt like a triathlete!!!

Coach nearly shat when I mentioned it was on hilly trails..... I have since been "redirected" here is how it will go.

Easy flats
Easy hills on road
Easy hills on trail
Hard on the flats, 

Hard on the trails.

Oops, okay so hard trails next week I say... Uh no.  ok ok easy flats, I'll take it!  

No garmin - I don't want to know the pace.  

So for a 25 min run, this is what it takes.  

2 min each side hip opener
2 min squat
2 min each side "couch stretch"  Couch stretch- 2 min each side - see below

2 min ankle mobility-  toe taps, right left, up and down, circles right, circles left- 10 x each 
2 min "sit on feet"  

Than I can run 25 min. 
Post run: squat, sit on feet, leg swings and usually one other "mobility"  from the bible. 

So far it is working.  The goal is ramp up running as Mike says :) and get stronger and faster with all "this work"  

I do this mobility routine EVERY day, whether I run or not.  "bulletproof" is the goal.

Turning 49 this year....somthing has to change if I want to keep racing!  I hope this is it :) 

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