Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Swim "Train" rant

If you swim masters and a "train" is given.... the key is to make a train, swim on each others feet, toes to fingers, the whole lane.  We had 8 in our lane today.  800 train. After 100 the leader hangs on the wall and lets the train go and falls in the back.  The leader sets the pace for 100 and you follow.   If you cannot keep up DONT keep swimming and let a giant gap happen and in essence start your own train with those who are now behind you.

I have done 10+ trains 800-1000 yards and they all worked - until today.   One of our lane mates could not keep up and derailed the train.  We had a solid 500 of swimming and then the train was broken and we were literally floating  in the back.  Sort of like that Doritos bag that clocked a 1:30 at IMChoo with the current. The whole thing was f'd up.

Solution- if you CAN'T keep up, drop off and let the train remain a train.  I'm all for swimming up in a faster lane but NOT at the others expense.

Which leads me to a few reminders or masters etiquette


  • Dive or jump in when someone is swimming toward the wall (seems obvious - but clearly it is not)
  • Use the starting blocks because they seem fun
  • Swim down the middle of a lane EVER
  • Remain stationary in the lane, except at the wall (seems obvious - but clearly it is not)
  • Stand or hold onto the wall in the middle of the lane - go to the side 
  • Push off the wall immediately before or after another swimmer—no tailgating! (unless the set is a train or there are 8+ people and lane agrees to 3 second off) 
  • Do your own thing in a lane that is following a prescribed set or workout.
  • Lead the lane if you can't do the math on the interval or if you don't understand the set
  • Don't high jack the interval to make it your pace
  • Don't add breastwork in a freestyle set 


  • Enter the water feet first. This is mandatory for all Masters swimmers (who knew) 
  • Circle swim, staying always to the right of the lane, only moving toward the center when ready to turn at the wall
  • Scoot to the corner of the lane while standing or holding onto the wall
  • Tap a swimmer's toes in front of you, indicating that you wish to pass at the next turn
  • Let the person behind you go if they are catching you every 100 
  • Allow 5 seconds between swimmers.

I know..... North County problems- if this is all I have to rant about- life is pretty darn sweet!  Yes it is.

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