Monday, October 27, 2014

The other side of racing

I make it a point to volunteer at at least 1 race per year and try for 2...but this year I only make to one.  I am so appreciative of the many who are out there race after race making it happen- THANK YOU!!!

I signed up for Oceanside Lifetime Tri last weekend and emailed the race director and said put me where you need me.....return email says T1- report for duty 4am.  Um...are you sure you don't need me at say 8am?  

3am alarm and I pick up GrooveTri teammate Gina, who greeted me with a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee! And off we went.... In T1 by 4:03.

We started with body marking which is great way to see a lot of friends and well lets just say M20-24 are okay to write on.... just sayin.  After that we moved to sign girls- we held up the wave signs and it was great. Talking and hanging out while THEY got to be nervous and jump in the water.  We saw the pro me and women enter and exit swim (crazy fast) and it was inspiring to see Olympians out there.

Once we were done with the signs we booked it for hot coffee-as we were freezing....yes freezing.  After months of heat it was down right chilly.

Final work was gathering bags in T1. With a split transition the athletes were supposed to, NOTE SUPPOSED, to put wetsuit, cap, goggles - their gear in the plastic bag.  We would then tie it off and put in right box to be transported to the finish where they gather the gear.  

I will say 80% did it right....the other 20%...
1- when  you leave your gear laying on the ground- my thought was I'd leave it there too,  You cheated....sorry your competitors took the time, all of 20 seconds, to bag their gear as instructed.  I am fairly sure if their gear was left in T1 they would NOT do that again
2- if you are going to bring 1, 2 or even 3 towels for your transition area DON'T leave them all nasty and wet for me... cause I bagged them up for you.
3- here is what I found most amusing in T1
    - Caviar jar- WTF? salt, quick snack?
    - Pyrex dish with Quinoa salad - hello this is an Oly race?  really did you sit down and eat it
    - hair brush- who brushes their hair before putting on a bike helmet?
    - full transition backpacks filled with 10lbs of gear?  what was in those bags?  and what don't you understand about USE the race bags ONLY. 

I am a rule follower...when they say put your wetsuit and all wet gear in the bag or it will not be transported- I do that!   

Thank you for all that did and for those that did not..... you are lucky there are nicer volunteers! 

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