Thursday, July 17, 2014

What happens 10 days before an Ironman

NONE of this has to do with training BTW

1- you get offered a "free" condo (due to injury and other issues the party cannot go). Condo location in "village' at the gondola.... another cool person staying in the condo. me the address so I can see on a map (i'm anal that way)  The email delayed, work day gets busy... I take a risk and cancel my non refundable  in tiny print  hotel suite at the hotel,  that is btw walking distance to EVERYTHING to stay in the condo. Sound good lets save $$. Blame my mothers health for the cancellation and plead, plead to get out of the hotel booking.  DONE.  Later in the day, I check the location of the condo and it is 5k from the village, wait I say, 5 minute walk, no google maps shows 5k ,  Yes it is at the base of A gondola not THE gondola.  Aaaaahhhh.... my suite is gone, I don't have a car and I want to be in THE village.  (mini tantrum here)  I humbly call the hotel, " Mom's cured"  and I can travel  or something like that.  Thankfully they re-instated my reservation and  passed on congratulations to my mom who was miraculously cured.  And we are back in business.

2- rented a disc for 5 days but forgot that I decided to send my bike Tri Bike Transport, which means the bike is gone 10+ days.  The 4 day rental had been graciously offered for 5 days (thank you Rachel and Moment Cycle Sport)  but now I need the dics for 15 days...they offer 4 or 10 day rental.  Ironman is not cheap....double the rental and still a discount.. check rental prices and duration in the future.

3- The disc cannot be on my bike for TBT  (has to be in a wheel bag) so I go back Nytro who I am soo thankful for.  Russ graciously put the disc on and then I hear "is your bike 11 speed?" NO- spacer fixed that.   Next "have you ever put this disc on this bike?" No, why.... well the brakes will not work.  What do you mean, won't work,  "well I have to open them so wide that the crank hits the brake"  Um.. this is a problem. I see a bloody ankle riding 112 miles hitting the crank- not all that aero either.  Russ, amazing bike mechanic, works on it, trades out the brake pads and we are in business.  I have a disc AND rear brakes.  Disc off, wheel on, Disc in bag and bike left at Nytro.

4- yesterday during my "housing crisis"  ( I say that in jest- if my crisis comes down to where will I stay in Whistler- I realize my life is pretty blessed- I get it)  in any case... I was scratching my arm ( alot)  Today I look and see blisters, itchy blisters, oozing blisters...which means one thing poison oak.  Panic, panic.... I have bad reactions.... I don't want the systemic outbreak.  Solution, steroids, crap banned substance.  Call to Dr, How many days do i take the pills?  How long will it be in my system?  Nurse says they will get back to me, please hold and then can we all you back? I panic.  Nurse asks me "ma'am is this a medical emergency"  NO it is an Ironman emergency.   Meanwhile using sssting stop and well it's nnnnnnoooooot working

5- Di2 battery died (again)  Charger packed and is at home.  Luckily Leslie has one too and I camped at her house to charge it to ship it so I can ride it when we all get to Whistler.

6- did I mention my arm itches

7- Shoe dilemma.  Hoka's don't hurt my PF. Hoka  are heavy and I am worried by mile 21 when my cadence is 27 and I cannot life my knees when I am struggling to drive my knees and engage my glutes that my shoes  will feel like lead bricks and stick to the pavement  will feel heavy.  So yes here I am 10 days out ....what shoes will I wear.  Did I mention my Hoka's have a blow out?  Will that compromise the shoe, my run? I superglued it- how is that 10 days out I am not sure what shoes to wear?  we are always learning....right. Do I wear the new Hoka's same model I just bought off ebay? Oh what to do....

8- Bento Box- this one is big (lol) I cannot use a normal bento box due to the electronic cables and how they lay on my bike.  I have one attached to the seat post but it is hard to get into and I have to come out of my aero bars.  So I ordered a slick  aero one- Bontrager speed box ( yes it will shave 10 minutes off my Ironman bike split)  but I need industrial velcro to attach it and I could not find any so ordered some on Amazon...arrived today but I dropped off my bike to be shipped!  what to do.... Project in Whistler

So there you have it... meanwhile I am coaching, working my real job and being a mom and a wife (sort of ) 

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