Monday, May 19, 2014

Punta Cana..Dominican Republic

 Paradisus Palma Real

I was fortunate enough to have qualified for the HPN Global Presidents Club (which is the top 10 producers for the company)   As a reward we are invited on an all-expense paid trip to a tropical destination.  This year's trip was to the Dominican Republic.  Having never been I was excited to go to a new destination but apprehensive about the timing.  If it was one week earlier, it would have been ideal, as a week vacation would have been perfect recovery after Wildflower2 but HPN did not check my race schedule when booking the trip, I shortened the trip by 2 days to squeeze in a bit more training at home.

As it turns out I am glad we did not leave Monday AM as it was Tuesday around 4pm that I saw flames less than 1 mile from home.
1 mile from our house- as i am packing 
Calls for evacuation do not make for stress free final packing.  With the winds blowing west and the confirmation from our neighbor/fireman that there was no need to leave we continued packing, John went running and we boarded a red-eye at 10:30.

Having ridden GWL that AM in 18-20mph winds ( and a max speed of 53 mph on the descent with a tailwind) + a run in 100 degrees and it being well past my bed time and I promptly fell asleep for 4 hours.  The 5 hours in Miami were tolerable and we rolled into the glorious hotel around 4pm. 

Caribbean water and a stunning view.
We were eager to go for a swim and ez run and soon found ourselves dead asleep for 2 hours.  Good intentions but much needed.

The trip was about RnR, pool and beach time, catamaran rides to a private island, massage under palm trees, quality time with my hubby, handing with work friends. a lot of drinking (which we only did a little of) and for me a solid run block.

  I logged nearly 40 miles of dredmill running but the alternative was 88 and humid and no real place to run.  John did a loop of the property and went up and down all driveways and that was 2 miles + the guards with billy clubs.  No thanks.  

Coach had some great TM runs with intervals and pacing with with good music and spanish CNN the time passed reasonably quickly.

  With a commitment to run every AM and 2 of those runs being 11 and 12 miles - I happily slipped away after dinner and skipped the late night shenanigans and dancing.  The only night I was in trouble was when dinner was at 9 (yes my bed time) reception at 7:30 and I discovered they had
coconut water.  I ordered coconut water + sparkling water and the bartender happily added coconut rum (without me knowing it) empty stomach and 3 of these babies and I finally asked to watch him make it  and Aha (he winks and says secret ingredient) in broken Spanish.   I paid the piper the next day.  John was  rumored to be dancing and singing with the band...I was tucked into bed by 11. 

We were really lucky as in I think we were the only 2 who did not get sick after getting sick at Lake Placid, really sick in Costa Rica I am shocked!  Lucky for us.  I did eat a lot of fruit (risky) and had ice.  Avoided the salad ( not that there was any) and I'm shaking with Kale withdrawals- last Kale was nearly a week ago!

It was a nice break but I am anxious with Ironman Whistler 10 weeks from today.  Time to get serious…watching Amy and Chris crush it at Ironman Texas is motivating indeed.

Day of travel

 Big swim tomorrow to ease back into it and then we roll…. Bring it on coach! 

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