Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dog Text = Coach Text

disclaimer....after reading Les's blog I realized I too have dog text tendencies 

If you have a dog or find dogs funny...check out   I find it beyond hillarious.....  sample to the right,  In any case, I was relaying a recent story to Les and I realized it was similar to dog text.

COACH;  do you have a trainer
JULIE: why?'
COACH:  to give trainer workouts
JULIE why? btw I HATE the trainer
COACH:  did you not see my previous response?
JULIE: yes and yes I have a trainer- I can dust it off
COACH:  I send out Thur trainer workouts on Wed
JULIE:  Ok, I've never received a trainer email?
COACH: I've never given you a trainer workout
JULIE:  Ok, I don't see the email
COACH: It's Tuesday
JULIE:  LOL, One more question, does the trainer workout have to be done on the trainer?
COACH: It's a trainer workout
JULIE:  ok

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