Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If you cannot run......ride your bike

Fck....yes.  I cannot believe that I cannot run YET due to my foot. Come on..... I have not run since 9/5 really.   I followed the proper surgery follow up, I did not push the exercise, I waited and waited....but I made one REALLY BIG mistake - Reef flip flops x tile floor x 3 days- really, really I am that fragile.  I have done 8 Ironman races and now I cannot wear flip flops for a few days and not fall apart.  Apparently NOT.  

My knee is GREAT and I ran 10 minutes , then 15 minutes and then 20 minutes and it was great. So great I emailed Dr Wahl  and told him thank you, thank you..... at my 5 week post op I was worried about my foot. He did the knee follow up and then I asked about Plantar Fasciitis.  He said 2 weeks...if not better then "ping me" So I pinged.... and he wrote back and said his foot Dr will be in touch.

Okay, rant if you cannot run - ride your bike. And I have.  For 3 weeks now and it was a gradual ramp up and finally I am feeling decent on the bike.   I am riding with all different people and loving it. I did the triple last week- 3 days of GWL. Day 1 was with my mid week girls and we de-virginized Gina- good stuff.  It was fun..... Good girl time and so humbling.  The 1st GWL after a 4 month break is so humbling.  Cold in Descanso but a nice ride.

3 days later repeat with an athlete I coach, John and Liz.  It was  more reasonable pace but still tough....10 min slower but felt harder.  

Sunday was just the loop and the group was social....thankfully as I was tired!!! 

I logged 1 hour Friday in the rain with Les but still rode. Monday I was TIRED no riding....Tue we did a killer local ride with part of Highland Valley and Wednesday did Elfin on tired legs.  Power is down...but logging miles is good!  Tomorrow John and i will log some more.   

Swim is good... backed off a bit this week as Sunday is epic swim 100x 100 and then Dec is swim month so I will be logging lots of pool miles.  

So the plan for now....ride ALOT, swim ALOT and wait 2 weeks on the PF and hope I can start running again.   It my bike and swim are where i want them when I am ready to run I can focus on running.   Not ideal, but well, I am a triathlete so I have 3 sports.... 

JD flies in tomorrow- yeah!  Its okay he is working and we will be eager to have him as the honored guest.  Looking forward to a great dinner....Cooking for 10- with help.  Mix of family and friends.  It's all 

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