Monday, November 18, 2013

Can you say 15 minutes is running?

When you have not run since 9/7 YES 15 minutes is running.  Last week I logged 4x 10 minute runs and all was good. So Saturday I ran 15 minutes and today I ran 17 minutes.  It feels is slow....really slow but that is okay. I AM RUNNING  - as Les said, I like to log it 15m so one could infer miles vs minutes.  Baby steps...I am following to the minute my ramping up per the Dr.  Knee is awesome!!

Splint 1

Plantar Fasciitis (that I developed standing in the hospital in flip flops on tile floor for 3 days while favoring my knee I had surgery on) is getting much better thanks to my new night splints. I panicked last week and went to the Dr.  My foot was painful- 8 our of 10 painful- I could hardly walk.  Dr D says 80% of PF will clear up with the night split IF, IF you 1- catch it early 2- are not running on it every day ( so my 10 min every other day does not register as running to Dr D- but it does to me). Splint 1: Futuro - Amazon for $26 but I was desperate and paid $37 at rip me off  CVS but I was desperate.  I like this one actually, I can sleep most of the night with minor annoyance.  But Dr D insisted on splint 2 which I 
Splint 2
bought off Amazon and is not as comfortable. He says it is better...but by 2am I am pulling it off. So I take it off...sleep and then put on Splint 1 around 4am.  I begged for Dr D to fix it...he said "trust me"  I did not but had no choice and well.... 5 days later it is 80% better.

Rest of training is going well...logged a killer swim on Saturday on my own - 5K and then rode 4 hours on Sunday and nearly died.... I was just getting tad bit cocky that my fitness was coming back.. I was wiped out- needed a nap wiped out.  It's all is only November.  Building slowly.... today was a swim - what I thought hoped  would be easy Master Swim and it was Sprint Monday - 2 sets of 6x50 all out and then 2 sets of 3x100 all out- OUCH is all I can say.  But it gave me inspiration for my Noon Masters- they too got Sprint Monday! 

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