Monday, January 7, 2013


Inchon Airport - Seoul Korea

Our last day in PP sucked ... To be perfectly honest. After a long day of travel we returned to the Golden House Intl Hotel and it was $20 more per night $45/night - most expensive room in Cambodia. But we liked the location and it is a know product - which is a bonus in Cambodia.

We opted for a drink- 1st glass of wine in the country - at the FCC (foreign correspondents club) based in my brothers recommendation. Great location and nice view. Once we saw the menu we caved in and stayed for dinner. Western food ! I had Mediterranean Chicken cabobs and Greek salad. To die for. JD had pizza which was not so grand.

So much for western food... Riley got food poisoning and got it bad and John got a mild case. Our last day I decided to start exercising - 40 min run and I was hoping for fresh springy legs but in actuality they were heavy and slow. And frankly PP is a really dirty, congested city. We are all ready to leave. We opted to check out the Russian market in hopes of great deals on name brands - R was sick and John too so we bailed early for some RnR. John slept and kids and I opted for another $15 massage and then we hit city market. I quit soon and experimented with local food - grilled corn with spicy chili sauce, shredded mango and unidentified meat salad and Thai energy drink - yowza!! Our flight was 11 pm so we rented 1 room to shower and chill. We spent out last night with R sleeping - still sick, JB reading about a sick guy PolPot and JD and I played cards and drank Heinekens (drinking age is 18 - so when inRome. We had been "enjoying local beer for the past 2 weeks which is terrible but only .50-.75. So we sprang for the good still $1.25. Dinner from the food cart outside the hotel- 1x fried noodles and veggies. 1x rice and roasts pork. 1x rice and veggies - total $3.25- cannot beat that and no on got sick.

11pm off to Seoul- 5 hours and we slept most of the flight.. Now the big bummer - 7 hours in Seoul. Ugh.. We pondered jumping in a cab for a few hours but 1-it is -4 degrees and we are dressed for Cambodia ( we will freeze in LA) and 2- the airport is on an island 30+ miles from Seoul. And there is debate if we need a visa to leave... Since Riley is wearing shorts and flip flops we opted live in the airport.

There you have it.... We read about an amazing spa to hand out in and jacuzzi etc but it was not on the transit terminal and we got confused... So we walked for a bit, used amazing massage chairs for 30+ min and the settled on the HUB lounge- $40 but was "on sale" $22/person. Full buffet and since we have been here for close to 7 hours we started with hot breakfast + Korean food and have to delicious lunch with beer/wine and cocktails. So we have read, facebooked, ate a few times and played cards for a few hours and I started in on Korean beer. Free showers across the way and then we are finally homeward bound!

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  1. Hours: 7am to 10pm...
    Wow. Longer layovers don't happen at night?
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