Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thoughts on Cambodia

I have not swam, biked or run since leaving the US, but walked a lot, a lot yesterday around phnom phen

Cambodians are hard working people

Paved roads are a bonus

$15 for 1 hour massage is awesome.... JD and Riley has 1st massage

My family are great travelers

Christmas dinner the airplane was ok.... Asiana serves good food and I was with my family. Our gifts to each other this wonderful trip

It's hot in PP

Buddha was very powerful and provides inspiration to many

Local food is delicious

Palace closed in mourning of Kings death

Killing Fields was humbling and quieted our minds and souls for a bit

Tuk Tuk travel is tiring...(moto with cart) very hot and dusty and noisy but fun

Tuk Tuk driver has Khmer and Aussie accent

Ready to leave the city

$21/night gets clean hotel and great breakfast

Cambodian red bull .60

Good coffee

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  1. You guys headed to Siam Reap? I spent Christmas 2000 there. Cool place! Enjoy!