Monday, November 26, 2012


I hate when I get behind much to tell and it just gets left out. So we will go for the highlights..

So much fun racing with friends!!!

Somehow we pulled of 2nd place in our respective age groups.
Mako was happy too!

Silver Strand 1/2 M- goal was a PR- and I did by 11 seconds (ugh) was hoping for 2 minutes but did not happen...the good was that at mile 6 when I wanted to puke and give up and I did for .5 mile I sucked it up and instead of slowing down 30 seconds per mile, I slowed 10 seconds and just held on.  It was good fun!!!

The day was amazing, the company great and John and Mako perfect Sherpa's.  I so appreciate the great friends I  have made in this sport.

I did a lot of run training and the results were sub par for the work put in....but onto Ironman training so time to slow it down.

But it was great to break up the training- doing the same swim,bike,run gets really boring so a run focus was good AND I was  not injured which is good.  

It is kind of funny the pay off for the run focused came a few weeks later on Thanksgiving.    We signed for the ThankYou Run as a fun, family 10k on Thanksgiving AM.

JD was home (yeah)  and we wanted a fun family way to start the day,  Thao even joined us,

Riley wanted to "dress up" hence the Tu Tu for the girls.

So we were decked out.  The kids were doing their own race/run walk and I was going to have fun. But we started running pretty hard and I felt okay,  John decided to go for it and at mile 2 I let him go....but kept running hard.  I was running 7:00 or just under and it was on a trail, At 3.5 I saw a girl in front of me and decided to push it to pass her... took me a mile and I was working hard and blew past, holding my breath as if I was not working hard.  My HR was 185...and I kept running and around the next bend was a 500ft climb.  Oh crap...really hoping she cannot run hills. I put my head down and ran hard... held her off and finished strong.  Not a PR but dang close, on a hilly course and the day after a 4 hour hard ride to Dudley's. where KP almost killed me   I was really excited....and quite shocked to win my AG 40-49 and was 2nd overall.  Note- this was NOT a huge race, 250 runners, but placing in running is BIG for me :) 

The lesson here for me...
1- the RUNNING block DID pay off..just not when and where I hoped.. 
2- show up to a race tired and just go with it - you just may surprise yourself.  
3- Be happy with a win, regardless how small the event

So much fun with the family and friends...nice way to start the holiday!


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