Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big 50

 Noooo not me..silly, my loving hubby turned the Big 50!

I know....be does not look it or act it- thank goodness!!!
The girls on the ride

We had a big day of fun...87 miles, nearly 9000 feet of elevation- we rode Palomar from our front door.   6 1/2 hours of fun in the sun. It was a long and brutal ride but we had the fortune of having Amy, Liz and Kevin come along for the fun,   I have ridden Palomar a few times but never from hone- we usually drive someplace and park and then go for it.  It was hard, we were grumpy, I even drank a coke, was an epic ride and I cannot wait to do it In a really long time again soon!

Kevin looking really happy to be
at the top
Here we are at the top!! Yeah...we made it - most of the climbing is done but we still had a long ride home.

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