Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So much to tell....

KONA ....I have to say I loved watching Kona from my house...  We started the day with a 4 hour ride up to Lake Wolford, which was great until L jinxed us, and we had a quadruple flat on the 15freway- cluster;  2 groups of flats..and I was out front on the other side wondering WTF?  Finally a motorist stopped, I was standing in the ice plant on the freeway off ramp, and asked if I was waiting for my friends?  He then explained there were 2 groups 1 group of 3 fixing flats and a solo rider.  In any case... finally L was free and we went on our way since we had a different route home and J was closer to her car to bail out the other 2 who had a tear in the sidewall and a valve extender that was stripped.  Yi, yi, yi..... bad luck!  L needs to know the Golden Rule - you NEVER talk about a flat on a ride.... oh well.

Post ride, post food, post swim...I settled in our living room where we have the mini Mac and a big screen and started streaming Ironman World Championships.  Plan was to do all my scheduling for the week and watch Kona... well not so much - mid marathon of the Men's race and I was not able to look away. One of my athletes was watching with me and we soaked it all in from 2-8:00.... quick break after Jacobs won to walk the dogs and in time to see Cave make the pass.  Meanwhile was tracking all my friends and seeing how their days unfolded and then watched many of them cross the finish line.  So much fun!!!  Not saying I don't want to go back- but it was fun!!!  Now I get the Superbowl excitement for football fans.

Work has been crazy busy.... HPN work that is- so many contracts, calls and just work-  I find I am not finishing my tasks until late at night- so I am back to 1 hour power hour 5:30-6:30am- focused work, no interruptions to get my day started and then plan what needs to happen when and I can plan how much time I need at my desk without interruptions.  I am back to turning off the phone, off email and getting work done with concentration.  Good stuff!!  Mom needs to pay for Ironman, trips to Cambodia, new bike shoes  college and save for retirement.

Race on deck this weekend!  SOMA 70.3 in Tempe AZ!   why...well I got robbed of my 2 other planned 70.3's due to my broken leg and I feel like racing.  One of  my athletes is flying in do that will be awesome!  I am driving out with Julia so we have a girls weekend in AZ with a 5 hourish day of fun on Sunday- which is my birthday!  I am planning on running in these - I know what a dork but hey if I am going to I may as well mix it up.  The only bummer is the forecast....90 degrees.  Really - just shoot me!!  I despise the heat and do not race well in it am looking forward to soaking up the sun and taking a lot of salt.... chips and margaritas my just be my vehicle.  It's all good.....very low pressure race and all for fun!  Although I just read there are over 1000 ppl racing that sounds like a big race cool I am excited.

Side note.... I had a blog reader ask if I knew some of my text was strikthrough ...well when you have to explain the joke it must be a bad one.  But I do that to be in this is what I am really thinking but don't want to write that...kapish- my quirky style

Ironman Los Cabos....5 months and counting - I have a lot to say on that but am not saying anything right now as it would all be strikethrough text.

Other random news....JD loves UNC, not homesick, living the life, got a tattoo, steamy relationship for 2 weeks - saw the light that high maintenance is not for him and with 68% females at the school - there are more options.  Grades are okay...he says- I took a peek and they are.  He comes home 11/21 for Turkey Day-yeah for us!! 

Riley has her own good stuff going.... a tangled web that is quite funny.  This makes no sense but to those who are in the web but she is my girl and I want to respect her privacy but it is fun for all of us :) 

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  1. The temperature has dropped.. We're down to high 84F on Sunday and 63F low! GOOD LUCK this weekend! And Happy Birthday!