Saturday, September 1, 2012

You run with your dog? Boundless Nutrition

I am not sponsored or affiliated with either company...but want to pass along a discount that was emailed to me.  If you run with your dog and at times let him/her off leash ths product is the best!   I use it with Mako and love it. I leash him up on the streets and when we hit the trails let it go and he "carries" the leash so my hands are free to run normally or carry water.   The collar is light weight and he does not mind it.   So if you are in the market

Use Promo code USAdog* at checkout for 15% off.
Another new favorite.... Boundless Nutrtion- know them?  I tried them from an Schwaggle deal and love the products.   Dark Chocolate Mint- Organic Oats and Organic Dark Chocolate combined with peppermint oils make a delicious snack that tastes just like your favorite Girl Scout treat is awesome. Peanut Butte Protein Cookie rocks as well. Good tasting, they don't melt to perfect for riding and they are not jacked with crappy ingredients...
Their site is a bit wonky right now- not sure why..... I am waiting on a discount code...if you are intereted message me and I will send it your way when I have it. Will also post on my idropboys facebook page- so if you "like" that you will see it.  Here is the code for 10% off if you want to try the products:

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