Sunday, September 2, 2012

Running is hard...... but good

LJ Cove is just too amazing

Re-focus for the 2nd 1/2 of the year....2 local Oly's, 2 1/2 marathons and a 70.3 for run....but the underlying goal is get my run on!  My long run is combined with my tempo efforts and it is hard! Week 1 was hard but nailed it, week 2 was harder but nailed it and week 3 even harder and I did it.  90 minute run with 3x15 min @7:00 pace which is down right HARD for me.   And I am so worried about it I run to the gym and then do the intervals on the treadmill (put the incline at 1.0 to balance out the TM) See I can hang on the TM and refuse to hit the slow down button but running outside not sure I can force it.... so for now I start with Mako and then drop him off and run to the gym and finish.  Last week was great as Riley met me and we drove to the pool for a nice cooling recovery swim. This week I plan my run the same but realize once my run is done- Riley is not picking me up and I am 2 miles from home- up I hobble along and thankfully I had some $ in my shorts and rolled into 7-11 and filled up with Coconut Water and ice.  The last 2 miles were slow and HOT but I did them.... rolled in the house and laid on the floor- oof!  But in a sick way it was awesome.  I did it!!

And still managed to convince John to come along for a recovery swim.... swimming after hard running is great- it just feels good and forces the blood to move around. 

So glad coach pushed the run to Saturday and my ride to Sunday- Make running the focus... hard for me- I like to ride too much.  Saturday night was a big night for us- date night with my Mom and Billy to the Summer Pops. Sad it takes my 78 yo mom to get us out on a Saturday night- it was great, a lot of fun and we stayed up until 11pm  Record...

Today was an awesome cove swim with Beth and some of her swimming friends- water was great, visibility was poor but that is okay by me- less I can see the better -  I felt great swimming and then we did an nice 2:30 ride....about all my legs could take and rock star Beth is racing IM WI so she is tapering down a bit...we managed to chatter non-stop the whole ride- so fun!!  I was tempted to ride another hour as coach had me down for 3-3:30 but Beth (who is a wicked fast runner) suggested I stop and save my legs for running ....and as I am sitting her- I agree  - ouch my leggies are a bit sore from yesterdays endeavours.

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