Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chula Vista Challenge

So racing an Olympic (+) race seemed like a great idea last week..... when I was feeling good and it was 78 degrees.   I added some training and the epic heatwave rolled in, family came to town and I was tired.... but alas $ was paid and I was in.

Usually local races are easy... you arrive race AM with your bike and all your gear, set up and off you go.  This was a logistically a bit challenging...point to point race so we had to register at Pulse Endurance Sports ( a very cool bike shop that is a big Tri Club supporter that I have never been to since it is in Chula Vista) and at registration the gave us run gear bags to drop off our run gear - problem was my run gear was at home 35 minutes away, bummer!  Then we drove 10-15 minutes to the bay where the swim is taking place and dropped off our bikes.  They told me I HAD to deliver run gear on Saturday but I was convinced I could drop off early Sunday AM.

Home I go and pack my bags.... laying in bed I realize I had not packed my wetsuit, cap or goggles... that would have been a bummer.  So I got up and added them to the race gear.   Up at 4 and did my warm up run early with the dogs.... and was in the car by 5.  I arrived at T2 where I could drop off my run gear and it was dark, really dark.... 10 minutes later I found someone to give my bag to (wondering if I would see it again) Then drove to the parking lot, waited 15 minutes for a shuttle, 20 minute drive to the start. I'm just sayin this is a LOT of logistics for an Olympic race- I am not remotely stressed or worried so that made it just fine.
W 45-45 awards- even though award say W40-44
Swim was in the Harbor and the water was warm - like 75 degrees warm - swim was a rectangle and was fine until I was heading back to the Orange Buoy (and in fact there were 2 Orange buoys) 1 for the kids race and 1 for us to take on the left.  Depth perception at 200 meters is not easy...I missed the buoy rammed into a kayak and was directed back to the buoy I missed. 

Onto the bike- uneventful- I had a guy run alongside me to my bike and when I stripped my wetsuit he said just leave it I will pack it up for you.  Nice....and onto the bike-  getting out to the Olympic Center was some of least attractive roads but I was hammering.... decide to ride hard and just go.  I had 1 bottle with 200 calories...of course they will have an aid station for a 25 mile bike in 90+ degrees...right?  Not so right.  30 min in I was out of fluid and hoping for more.....I kept on riding and just had fun.  Its not like I had to run a marathon,

T2 was one of the most efficient transitions ever- they called out my number, I dismounted and someone took my bike and someone else had my bag and dumped it out and helped me suit up- better than any Ironman support.   And I was off running.... feeling okay and thinking all was well.   Few miles go by and major GI distress (but this is 7+ days old and I fear something bacterial) in any case cased a porta pottie stop and off I went and then I died....dead legs, no garmin (locked up and never started), really hot, no calories and I slowed way down.  Ugh here we go another crappy run.  Thankfully it was only 6.5 miles in the heat on the trails in the hills..... my race belt unraveled, goodbye number.  Ooops another porta pottie stop- no lines thankfully but really 2 stops in 6.5 miles-

Finish was great... nice grassy run and fun!  Nothing stellar but the race was fun and a nice local feel...but logistically a huge pain.   Volunteers rocked and one of my athletes came and cheered me on was a wonderful- taking pictures and suffering in the heat.  Would I recommend the race....well since there are no may of this distance- maybe but just be prepared for a lot of logistics..I was not home until 1pm- long day for a short race.  Seems 1 aid station on the bike would be a good idea, but that was my bad for not knowing that and throwing another bottle on my bike. 

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