Friday, August 3, 2012

A Perfect Morning

Started the day with a 6:30 1:1 swim coaching session with an athlete at Ventura Cove. Up at 5:15 and walked Zen and Mako and then M and I headed to VC. He loves early coaching sessions.... he bolts from the car and is after the gulls and frolicking in heaven.

I coach standing in calf deep water and he retrieves the ball and drops at my feet when he is ready for his next swim.  The gulls tease him at times and stalks them as well. 

We finished the session and leashed up and headed out for a great run along the boardwalk in Mission Beach.  I live in a hilly neighborhood and rarely have the chance to run on pancake flat. We did this Wed and loved it so much we repeated it this AM.  Great people watching, lots of dogs and people running, riding, skating.  Early enough that it is not too busy. 

In honor of the Olympics I did a loop of the Professional ITU run course which was held here in May- the final Olympic qualifying race.  It was fun to remember watching the elites race and even more fun to think about them prepping in London for their big day tomorrow (women that is)  Triathlon has only been an Olympic event since 2000 in Sydney. 

Good luck to Gwen, Sarah and Laura tomorrow!!! 3:00 PST

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