Sunday, July 15, 2012

Racing, racing, racing....

Big day for racing...I know so many that toed the line at Vineman or Lake Stevens 70.3 and frankly I was just plain jealous... It was great fun tracking them along the way- many are good friends, some are my athletes and some I work with in swimming- my phone and computer were busy with updates on who was doing what fun to "watch" from afar.

7 days for me....and I toe the line!  I will be done and probably have a few beers in me by now- come Sunday July22nd.  Am I ready?  hell no, I will never be ready, there is always one more key swim,bike,run to be done.   yes I think I am.... all those months worrying about my broken leg and blown I am worried about a really tight IT Band from too much running.  Ha!  Imagine that....

One week our from Ironman, let's face it, I never feel great. And thanks to Training Peaks and my 4+ years of comments I can look back on my best races and see I felt like crap at this juncture.  This is why data AND comments are soooo valuable.  You think you will remember...but come on we don't.  So having the history is reassuring.... as long as you are honest.

Yesterday my easy ride felt like crap... 2 hour spin and I just was not feeling it.  Panic, holy cow,  I am over trained, will never be ready in 8 days.... worry, worry, worry.... Should I even run Sunday am? Will 30 minutes be too much....Mako is wagging his tail, dropping his ball at my feet, come on mom, come we take off and my legs were like new. Springy and it was magical...we had to dial back the pace and quit at 30 min vs looking at the watch for how many more??? And swim was long, but good..... I did some 100's on pace and was very pleased.  Tempted to do more...but less is more when you are 7 days out from Ironman.

I have not checked the weather for race day, I have not started packing, I am starting to stress a lot all the time a tiny bit!!!

Tomorrow race week officially begins....."move with purpose" my husband says. And he is a wise man since I broke my leg tripping on the damn dog stairs, broke 2 toes dropping a 10lb weight when a 10lb weight fell off the rack at the gym, fractured a wrist on a lip in the sidewalk that was jutting out 2+ feet, that was so small that when I went find it it took me a long time to locate it....and the list goes on!

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