Friday, June 22, 2012

EC Camp Day 4

Back to the the Boulder Res for another 4400K swim in the OW- it was much cooler today but great to swim on a nice long course.  Another 1100 TT on deck at 7am and it was long, painful and a fight...but good to drop in the middle of a long swim.  Lost Justin and Tom immediately -  but held on for a solid effort and a 45 sec improvement over Tuesday...but I suspect the course may have been a tad shorter- but I'll take it either way.

Next on deck was the long run of the week- 2 hours and we had some guidelines for efforts but my plan was lock in IM HR (+ 10 for altitude) and click off the miles- I needed a solid run -  and I pulled it off. Moderately hilly but nothing crazy and warm but not blistering hot-  pace was slow ( I looked) but got it done and now 4 1/2 weeks out from IMLP that was the goal. 

Few hours of down time and took Jame and Willa to Matty Reed's Yogurt place here in Boulder,  BOOM Yogurt Bar All the fro yo and granola toppings are locally made. It was delicious and a great treat....7 and 9 year old girls and less expensive a self serve yogurt than my 15 and 17 yo kids! 

Next we had a chat with EC Coach Alan Couzens who is wicked smart and has a few advanced degrees in exercise science and physio. He is dialed into Training Peaks WkO and is so knowledgeable.  Really insightful as to what all the acronyms and grasp mean, how to use them and understand your fitness now and in the past, how a big camp affects you etc. I am really excited to delve into this a bit further and learn more about myself and how to better coach my athletes.  Also exciting new update from Garmin- Normalized Power can now be seen on the 500 and other cycling computers.  This is key for me!! NP is the number that counts.... so going try it out today as we struggle  climb Flagstaff Mountain here in Boulder.

Reasonable ride on deck followed by Masters Swim at Flatirons with Jane Scott. 

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