Monday, February 20, 2012

Jelly Bellie challenge...FAILED!

So much for the 4lbs of Jellie Noon Riley was whining in the kitchen as we were making delicious avocado and lime sandwiches...she was distressed and hungry.  Tired of Jelly Bellies and refused to eat any more.  Uncle Scott threatened to call her a quitter and she held off...finally decided she did not care and sliced some freshly baked bread and as she put the twist of lime on the avocado he says I'll give you $20 if you stick with the Jelly Bellies...she moans....Nooo Uncle Scott that's not fair.  She ponders, whines, complains....and we all sit and enjoy our savory sandwiches, she is smelling hers and nearly crying.  As she is about to take a bit he says $30.  She nearly cries.... we discuss that she has 12 hours to go, can she make it.   Hours seemed impossible to we debated and discussed.  After negotiations the decision was that she would abandon the Jelly Belly challenge but agree to the banana and Sprite challenge, which is eat 2 bananas followed by drinking 2 sprites- according to the Internet no one has successfully completed this without vomiting.....she was so desperate to eat the sandwich she went for the challenge....stay tuned for the outcome and pictures.

Meanwhile the torrential storm cleared and we headed out for some water skiing.... kids skied and I was the usual lame duck...felt like the old person just happy to be along for the ride.

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  1. Omigosh, cracking me up! I went to bed just after reading about the challenge and literally woke up thinking "I wonder how the Jelly Belly challenge is going." haha! Can't wait to hear about the bananas/sprite challenge.