Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forced rest.....not a fan of that!

So I really thought I was managing fatigue and my health pretty darn well.... ie: taking a day off here and there to feel strong the next few days.  I have been fighting a cold since Jan 1 and it has been at bay but there...waking up with a sore throat or stuffy nose - just not 100%. I nailed some solid training though it and thought it was finally gone...Monday AM woke up with an elephant on my chest..ok not really but that is what it felt like. But since I have been waking up  not feeling great I got up and took the pups out for an early walk and headed to the pool to coach my Monday AM weekly lesson.  The coffee was not helping, the energy from the lesson did not help....but nevertheless I hopped in the pool and started swimming.  1000 yards later I was out and in the shower...this was something more.  Dang it.....

Headed home and crawled in bed...lots of sleep and many homeopathic remedies

 Overkill.... maybe not sure.... Tuesday day off! Wednesday woke up ready  to roll...80% and make the stupid decision to ride not only GWL but add on to Descanso...ride was meant to be controlled and let's just say the numbers look really controlled meanwhile I felt like I was mashing 300+ watts...  Hmmmm perceived effort high... numbers low- not a good sign.  Guess what...woke up Thursday feeling not worse but not better so hit the pool for a 4000 session with a 1000 yard TT that sucked was not stellar and was quite challenging,  Looking at my time- really hoped I did an extra 50 but know I did not.  Friday off....Saturday raining and cold and am feeling good but am not making the stupid mistake of hitting it hard today-  snuck in a short ez run with the dogs and going to swim easy and sit in the sauna!!  

Carlsbad 1/2 is tomorrow..... survey says skip it. But I am not....I am going to run it easy and have fun....Made plans to go with K so will follow through and just have  a nice catered training run.

By the way if you have not seen it!! Read the book and loved it - but Brad Pitt did a stellar job playing Billy Bean.

Big breakthrough with one of my athletes this week....her swimming is coming along so well and we did a few 100's and asked her to guess her 1st one based on her effort...guess was 12 seconds slower than the time! Now that is progress...followed by another who emailed me that not only did she move  up to a faster lane but she lead the lane!! Sweet..... exciting for all of us

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