Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IMAZ, Puppies, Toes, ImmuCell, food.....

Girls night at the Ritz Carlton Laguna....reception, room service and a movie in bed1
Blogging is like training if you do it all the time it is much easier.... when you wait too long it gets hard!  Why? you cannot blog it all and then I find myself pondering what I should write vs what I feel like writing.  Plus is is really fun to blog on about massive training...the rest can be boring, although training blogs are boring to many...so I am going with random thoughts here.

I forced begged Riley to sit on his lap

I had zero interest, not an inkling or flash of envy of those racing Ironman Arizona..that is until Sunday mid day as I was following so many good friends who were absolutely crushing it out there.  Then of course I wished I was really fit, racing and crushing it....in turn I am NOT fit, swam 45 minutes, drank a Peppermint Mocha and ate a Gingerbread cookie the size of my face...and followed a long.  So impressed with Mimi (AG record - after doing Vegas 70.3, Kona, ITU Long Distance) and then PR'd set a record and went 10:22!  I am humbled..... I am envious of those who are set for Kona 2012, even if I am not sure I want to do Kona in 2012....

I rode 3 hours on Saturday with Christine and Kebby....2 girls that I have know, we have talked about riding together but never made it happy.  Lucky for me...they too are not fit in the off season.  We kept the ride social and chatty....things got quite as we hit Ramona and it was 45 degrees and raining.  In season I suck it up and tell myself that I am building strength, what if it rains on race day etc.....now when I am riding for fun- this is not so fun.  But the good news was....after we descended Highland Valley it warmed up!  The last climb towards Peet's was hard for all of us....I use to run up that hill about the same speed.  I know, let it go, let it go......

On occasion I get contacted from random companies who ask me to blog about their product...... I generally say no unless I am going to try it and then I tell them I will do so and be honest.  After my horrific post and picture of my mangled foot I received and email from NeoCell suggesting I try Collagen Type 2.  I was a bit perplexed as it seems the product is mostly for joints....but after reading more it says it " Assists in the maintenance and rebuilding of cartilage bones, joints and surrounding tissue"... sold!  They offered to send me some and suggested it will help speed up healing in my foot.   The problem is I don't really know...but I can say- Dr said 5-6 weeks before I would feel like running.  I am at 4 weeks and have been taking this for 2 weeks and I am able to run!  Maybe I am a fast healer, maybe this is a miracle pill or maybe it is a bit of both.... I like what the marketing says and certainly the ingredients are ones recommended to me anyway- hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin. So I will keep taking it and see.... so far so good and company is great.  
Time to start using my shoes again!

Yes I am running..... my toes are okay the rest of me feels like I have not run in months....really 4 weeks and I can hardly run 30 minutes AND I am sore.  Ugh....taking a break is good, taking a break is good!   I am soooo excited to be running that I am trying not to think about how horrible I feel.

Mako....have to have a puppy update!  He is big..... triple his size, triple the energy and a whole ton of fun!   John and I are back in bed together and Mako is sleeping upstairs now.   He is time consuming and exhausting...but a welcome addition to the family.
Yes Zen has accepted his little brother.... happy dogs!

Food.....I was going to clean up my diet in November....but am thinking December. I fell off the gluen free wagon and have caved in big time...cookies, tortillas, carbs- and at the worst time when I am not burning them off.  But well.....my jeans still fit...but they are indeed snug- so maybe post Thanksgiving I will clean up the diet before the Holidays really hit or maybe  I will keep going and once my jeans don't button will deal with it then.

Thanksgiving,....Johns Birthday too!  Hoping to ride GWL, go for a run and then enjoy the day with family....although Riley is not here- she is in Baltimore with a good friend from the Tole More1 Riley has a monster suitcase..... she heeded the cold weather warning- 49.5lbs....she can only buy 1/2 lb of goods while she is gone.  Miss you R!

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