Friday, July 29, 2011

Music, friends, training...

On my ride this am....3 songs played in a row that most remind me of Riley. Brought a huge smile to my face thinking about her somewhere out on the Pacific sailing and enjoying life. I she is loving every day and minute of her adventure at sea!  Its' funny how songs can conjure up such vivid memories...pretty cool!

And while I am relatively sappy....I have to say I am so thankful for my friends!  My friends are diverse and I love them all...whether is is the girl talk while running on the beach or lamenting about teenagers over a glass of wine.  I love John and he is super supportive and loves me dearly I know but he just cannot replace a girlfriend. My girlfriends are good listeners, empathizers and sympathizers, are keen to call my bluff if necessary and are just fun to be with!   I appreciate you girls....

Well recovery week is ending and I wish I could say I am bouncing off the walls and am 100%...but I am feeling better every day and my legs are slowly coming around. Darn IT Band is wound up so tight and my left ankle has flared up...but with some good ART and Simone's healing hands they seem to be easing up.   I have no patience when it comes to down time...seriously after 4 days of recovery I want and expect to feel 100%- not happening....either I am getting old (yest that is a fact) or I have done more work than I realized.  Probably a bit of both...I keep sending coach reasons I may be tired and he nicely says yes right, then tells me why that is probably not it, and reminds me of the training I have done- okay, okay...maybe, just maybe I did this to myself?  I find myself surfing the Internet for cures for "dead" legs, fatigue.... funny I get sucked into all the ads...and then calmly shut the page down before I whip out my credit card to take advantage of "the final offer, money back guarantee...fountain of youth."

Oh well all is good....weekend is ramping training back up and rolling into a solid week and then we head to Vegas for our mini training camp. More girl time and should be awesome!!!

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