Thursday, July 7, 2011

Colorado calling my name......

My 1st house 
We arrived here on Saturday and took a trip down memory lane- went to visit the house I grew up in  in Denver and visited the pool I learned to swim in.  I was under 1 year old and was already a fish....the very pool I joined my first swim team as a 6 & Under and I was maybe 4. Swimming 25's in races for jelly beans.  So many great memories and a great place to grow up.

Hampton Heights Swim Club

From there we headed to Boulder and the drive alone calls my name....driving toward the mountains is just stunning and so peaceful.  I just love it.   We had a great day and arrival with my sis and bro-in law and nieces. How could we not be welcomed with open arms- we brought Super Soakers!!

Sunday my sis and I joined a local bike shop weekly ride.  Perfect as they had 3 groups and I headed off with the A group.   We had a great ride out to Hygiene and I pulled  train of girls who later thanked me for setting a new pace at the weekly ride. When the question was asked "should we stop" (those who ride with me know the answer) and said NOOOO- on we went and again they thanked me.  Come on girls speak up :) It was great- scenic and fun women.   Topped off the ride with coffee at Amante with K and headed home.  

Monday my bro in law and I headed to our next destination via bike.  60+ mile ride,. 4000+ feet of climbing- not a big deal right?  Well when you start at 5900 ft and end at 8200ft and you are not acclimated- it becomes a tough ride!
Here we are at the top of a sensational climb...snow capped Rockies in the background- stunning!  Thankfully DeRose was not killing it and was nice to me- many stops and lots of food along the way- even caved and chowed a bag of Frito's. Ride pretty much felt like a total bonk..... but was a lot of fun!

We met up with JD and Riley and my sis's family at the YMCA Camp in the Rockies- stunning views and we had a very remote cabin which was great.  Deer and Elk in the front yard and lots of fun to be had! The camp was .7 miles away and we could play miniature golf- where I clobbered JD- seems playing Golf for real does not translate to mini golf skills.  All good fun....made tie dye shirts and the girls painted ceramics.  

Great fun for 2 nights and then time to head home but not before a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park - 12,000 + ft and more fun!!!  And then the hail/rain ride home..... and here we are back in Boulder!

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