Wednesday, June 8, 2011


To say I travel a lot would be a say I traveled a lot the last 3 weeks would be the truth!  4 cites in 3 weeks.... 6+ airplanes, 3 rental cars, shuttles and town cars, 5 hotels and lots of good food.   This was work travel and I worked it out as best I could to fall during a convenient time for me!  No family conflicts, no Ironman training so it was all good.  And I am done, well as far as I know for a few months.
I hope we can survive
The next travel on deck is all for fun...... Kids and I are Cancun bound on Monday!   The kids and I went to Puerto Vallarta 5+ years ago and it was a great trip.  I love John and we love traveling as a family but Mom and kids time is important as well.  I have "needed" to go to Cancun for a long all actuality I really do.  I have booked a number of clients there and have no clue how Cancun is set up, what any of the hotels are like etc....and well knowledge is an important factor in my job.  I was invited on a "fam" - familiarization trip to Cancun.  A fam trip is when hotels or a destination flies you there at their cost for a few days to experience what they have to offer.  6+ years ago when I was new to the business I loved such they are time away from my family, a lot of walking (running I can do- but walking) to see multiple hotels and venues each day etc- there is always stellar food and beverages but it is work after all.  Surely when it comes work- this is not really work, but to me it is.  So back to my story... I decided I would go on the fam trip but then had a better idea- skip the fam trip, pay our own way and have some serious RnR with the kids.

They get out of school on Thursday and we are heading out Monday!  3 days in Cancun and 3 in Cozumel for some scuba diving!!  Between now and then they have 2 finals to take, last day of school fun to include R hanging with a friend and JD golfing, Friday JD working and Riley at a party and me at the Cove...followed by too graduation parties on Saturday and Sunday!

Few ride....going back for more fun on Saturday in Rainbow and Sunday remains to be seen...