Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mid Season break...or sort of

After Wildflower I was insistent that I needed some unstructured training....coach suggested a mid- season break- um okay, well not really.   I am simply not good at this break thing - I like to train and it is part of my day.  I realize I could make a lot more prospecting calls if I was not swimming.biking.running and could be a better wife, mom, daughter and who else knows....but well not a better me.

So here we are 5 weeks post WF and I am thinking I took a solid break...that is until coach sends me my weekly training totals.  Okay so not a total break but nothing like Ironman training and if you break it down it is quite random.  You will see day off, which is unheard of for me, followed by 5+hour ride and a run (without an Ironman looming) But this is what is fun.  I feel like the social trainer...I find what my friends are doing and join them- long run Friday - ok I'm in, swim.ride Tue - ok works for me, another ride Wed- ok I am good... you get the picture.  The best way to describe my training is last Saturday-  leave my house at 7:15 with John and we ride 45 minutes to Carmel Valley and pick up Jen and turn around and ride back to pick up Liz at 8:45 and then head out to Rancho Sante Fe and along the coast coming back we (unplanned) pick up Johan, drop off Jen in CV, Liz peel off for her IM ride and Johan and I ride home.  Some thrilled route with great scenery.....no but it was fun to see so many friends in one day!   I have gotten back to riding to UCSD to swim 1:15 and then swimming masters and riding home.  Perfect for a 2:30 ride and 1:15 swim and I am saving gas and parking money...

Speaking of gas.  So finally the insurance company figured out that yes the girl that slammed into my car was at fault, CA State Law.  In any case, so once that was determined then I had to find the "right" shop to fix my baby.  Not the scary shop the insurance company sent me to where Stan (but crack showing) did my appraisal.  Nice..... CA State law allows me to take the car any place.  So I call my buddy at Audi and get hooked up and of course since they are a good shop I have to wait another 2 weeks to get in. My car is drivable, just a bit banged up and the best part is that the hatch opener was hit so when I hold down the unlock button it sounds like a machine fun. Seriously I have scared a few people in parking lots and JD is so jealous...he wants one on his car.

So anyway car is at the plastic surgeon getting fixed....but my rental car story is great.  So I am insisting that I need a hatch back, why?  for my bike, silly.  I go back and forth with them and they say they will "deliver" a comparable car.  So there I am and what drives up?  A massive Crown Victoria- you are kidding me, the same jumbo "luxury" car I had the privilege of driving in Seattle.  Wow....not going to work.  Their rational is that I drive a luxury car and this is a luxury rental and while it is not a hatch back it has a very large truck- true, I could fit my entire family, my bike and my dog in there.  But I am not driving this boat for 2 weeks... back to the rental car shop.... seriously just find me Ford Fiesta with a hatch back - not happening.  I was all set in a cool pick up truck until I realized the seat some sort of a rocking chair-oops, seems that last renter tipped the scales at 300+ lbs and must have bent? the bolts that hold the chair?  Not sure....so finally I rolled out with a Jetta- decent car   Thanks to Jen I learned the seats fold down and then I can put my bike it!  Really that was all I wanted.  

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