Thursday, June 23, 2011


how the drugs make me feel
I admittedly take my good health and relatively injury free status for granted....until now that is.   This allergic reaction has made me aware that when we don't have our health so much else falls apart.   Now on day 10 of this but it is definitely getting better.  

The week in Cancun was hardly tolerable but I did it - thanks to the various medications, beautiful ocean and my wonderful kids.  Upon my return I saw my Dr who put me on a strong dose of prednisone which is powerful stuff.  Day 1 I felt like I was on speed all day, felt immediate improvement and was so relieved to finally see progress.   Still did not sleep but now on day 4...I see the progress and am thankful.  What I am not thankful for are the horrendous side effects. Stomach upset- unless you eat with a lot of food- pancakes are perfect so that is less of an issue.  But the water retention is horrific.   Started with puffy eyes and now is puffy everything.   I cannot see my wrist bones and had to loosen my watch.  Not only is it disgusting to see that in the mirror but my skin hurts from being stretched.  And the grand finale is the red blotchy rash that is from the drug- not my rash.  Really a sight for sore eyes....when you google prednisone and read of others who are on this long term....I get a grasp on reality- 6 days for me.  I am self conscious in public - assuming people are staring at me and wondering what is going on with that lady- my vanity surely to assume anyone is even looking,  But when I take off my sunglasses and you can see bags  full set of luggage under my eyes, people do a double take-

So training.....well that has been interesting.  Monday am I was awake from 3am so I went to swim- water felt great and swim was fantastic- until I got out and the chlorine took its toll on the rash.  Tried running later in the day but the drugs had elevated my heart rate so much I was afraid.  Tuesday.... boost of a little sleep (4 hours ) and was so eager to ride again and had  date with Beth and the GWL. Oh boy... immediately the sunscreen burned the rash to no end.  Had to rinse off and try again...finally I used my Zealios and not only did it not burn it soothed...maybe the zinc, not sure.  In any case the ride started out cloudy which was awesome but as soon as the sun peaked out  I was so not prepared for the effect of the heat on the rash - painful, itchy, swelling and we had to cut the ride short and went home to a cold shower hoping I had not undone all the healing.    Tue night was a breakthrough 6 hours of sleep- 2 x 3 hour increments.  This was great!!! Learning that I can only train inside or the dark I was at the pool early and on the TM for a run.  I actually feel great training- the sweat is cleansing and I lose some of the puffiness, comes right back, but is a relief.  Today was an early ride and coffee date with John and back inside before the June gloom wore off.   Next few days will be early as well....

I am racing San Diego International on Sunday and cannot quite fathom how that will play out - where is my fitness, no clue.   Did some solid running in Cancun - hoping that pays off.  Not much swimming and cycling is all over the board.  No speed work and this is a short race- will my legs go fast?  Averaging 2-4 hours of sleep for 10 days- that is taking a serious toll.  Medications....certainly not performance enhancing- I am thinking of asking for a head start due to my condition???

The good is a short race, early and on the coast so I hope no sun!   The idea of showing up in my Michelin man puffy state is not fun.....but to not race because of appearances only would be lame.

The day will be what the day will be!   So in the meantime....I apply lotion every 2 hours to my poor damaged skin, wear sunglasses inside, am still irritable and grumpy but am trying to be nicer, appreciating the time of day I feel great, hoping for more sleep each night!   Thankful this is temporary and empathic for those who suffer with major maladies every day!

Anyone want a review of lotions, topical treatments.....happy to share!!! 

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