Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day.....

Such a  perplexing day when you are a mom but are still fortunate enough to have your own mom.  Is it my day or is it my job to appreciate and pamper my mom?  I suppose this is multi- tasking at it's best.  Or you simply have to make it a 2 day event.

Our plan was Saturday was my mom's Mothers Day and Sunday is my Mother's Day.  My mom wanted to go and see the play Ramona.  Ramona is the longest running outdoor play in the US, this is the 88th year.  Fortunately for our sake, the actors and actress's have changed since it's inception, although a few may have been originals.

The play takes place in the booming metropolis of Hemet!  The Ramona Outdoor Play, formerly known as (and still commonly called) the Ramona Pageant is an outdoor play staged annually  in Hemet, California since 1923. The script is adapted from the 1884 novel Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson.  The production features cast of more than 300, made up largely of local residents and amateur actors.  This is a love story of sorts but really is a depiction of the Americano's brutal takeover of the Indians land in California.  In  3 1/2 hours we watch the budding romance, celebration, family drama, marriage and a child birth, pillaging of homes and finally death of the male lead.  This all takes place outside in the Hemet....quite a day indeed.

Riley and I a picked up my mom and Gail (a long time friend of my mothers) and we headed to Hemet and enjoyed a delightful picnic in the park before the production.  The play was  bit long but we had an enjoyable afternoon and it was after 8 by the time we got home...phew, exhausting this play going can be. A wonderful pre-Mothers Day celebration with my daughter and mom! 

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