Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank goodness for triathlon, friends and family!

stressing about life and not sleeping is a real bummer.... but the upside is triathlon.  I am up early these days, usually around 3am it seems.  I have found I can down 1/2 pot of coffee by 6am and then forcible switch to green tea. 

Yesterday is was howling wind and threatening rain....better than being miserable at home I headed to Fiesta Island to meet J and S.  See I really dislike riding in circles (ie Fiesta) and I really, really dislike wind, but I happen really like these girls and this was where they were riding.  As I am getting ready to ride, chatting, dumping my woes on J, I take one last look in my trunk and slam it the trunk is slamming this panicky feeling sets in and I am reaching in my jersey pocked, I hear the beep- beep confirming the car is locked about the time my hand finds the jersey completely empty.  Yes my keys and phone are in the car.  I am so pissed, I am not even pissed....come on let's just ride knowing I call AAA later and deal with the issue.

Off we go joined by S and it was pretty darn miserable, terrific headwind on the backside (more so than Fiesta usually offers) and cold.   I think maybe I should go back and get my jacket, great idea if I had keys. In any case...I am still recovering, S is getting ready to taper and J has an extra passenger so this was a no expectation ride.  A lot of chatting, solving the worlds problems and riding in circles. 

The last loop the rain came....and AAA was reasonably on time.  After watching in panic as he jammed something between the door frame and window and began inflating air so the rubber popped out...I was a bit nervous, fully expecting a whistling window from here on out.  He users the high tech tool, a large bent piece of metal, covered in duct tape to hit the open door button.  Minutes later, in the rain and mud, I am in my car.  Have not used AAA in 4+ years but got my moneys worth yesterday.

M was running today at 5:30am..... I pretty much figured I would be up to run, but in the rare case I was actually sleeping, I was not setting an alarm to get up.  She says text me in the AM if you are coming or not....well I cannot do that because if I wake up to text you then I am coming, if I am not awake, I am not texting or coming.  Last night....late close to 11 after dinner with great friends I opptomistically texted I am not coming- sleeping in.  Guess what... I ran at  5:30 - I was up, 2 cups of coffee in me and nothing to do.  It was cold and windy....really cold, really windy but well running down Torrey at first light watching the ocean on a stormy morning was the perfect start to my day.   Drove home and crawled back in the warm bed and then had GF pancakes with John. 

Training wise this has been a recovery week...I felt good swimming by Wedenesay and good on the bike by Thursday. Today was the first day my legs felt good running, although my calves are stilll mounds of knots- KP did not painful ART and I think I am back on track.  3 weeks to Wildflower....this weekend is mellow and then hitting in hard for 2 weeks and then 1 week of taper and race time again!

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  1. That's funny, I always tell people not to text me to tell me if they aren't coming (because then I usually bail on morning workouts). And so I got out of bed at 5AM to run this AM in the pouring rain which went away as the sun came up.