Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Solid training and fun along the way....

Okay so after all my winging (as they say in AU) the weather was really not a factor.  Terrific GWL + Honey Springs ride with Nooko and KP on Thursday-  solid efforts and laid it on the line for the final push up Honey Springs (ouch) but just knowing Starbucks is a few miles away is serious incentive to get up the hill.  There were some serious roadies making the climb who blew past us one at a time. It was if they were on freaking electric bikes spinning past so quickly it caused wind.  Amazing and ah hem quite humbling.  

Friday was a great morning of training with Jen....so glad she is willing to work around my schedule :)  we swam at UCSD and then had a great ride (even though it was supposed to be pouring and it was bright and sunny) and followed that with a nice run.  

Saturday I was up at 5 to take JB to the airport and then lay down my long run- nice long is 1:45... right oh, no Ironman on the schedule (yet) The rain was coming so I hit my run early.  Solid run with 3xTPines repeats inside.  Time to pick up the running pace now that the base is in place- The pace was nothing to blog about but considering the terrain I was please.  Doing repeats you see a lot of the same people who are walking and on my 3rd time up these 2 funny ladies stop with hand on their hips in shock....I hold up 3 fingers and am on my way- could not really chat at that moment- breathing was an effort.   Run was done at 8:45!  As much as I did not enjoy getting up at 5, I was psyched to be ordering my post run Carmel Macchatio before 9 and ready to enjoy the day.

Riley had a friend from Baltimore in town so we had some fun that day and the girls ended up the Birch Aquarium.  Dinner at Ki's yuuummm!!  I have never done dinner there and it was so worth it- every bit as good as their breakfast and lunches.  We met up with Jay from PacWest Athletics who was down here for some recon for his camp in March, Marion and Riley and her friend.  It is going to be a kick ass camp based in La La Jolla Shores with 4 days of solid training!  So how did I get hooked up? This is the coolest gig I have had in a while...a mutual friend connected us. He needed someone to help find a hotel and negotiate the contract- thus I come into the picture since that is my real job with HPN Global.  And once the hotel portion was done I offered to help work out logistics with the pool, track, rides etc. It has been so much fun and I am excited to join the camp March 3-6.  He is offering a great deal for locals- $400 for 4 days of serious training with 3 long rides, runs, track workout, boot camp, 2x swim session in the pool, 1 OW swim (chilly), 2 dinners, lots of sponsor giveaways and the chance to meet some cool peeps from N Ca.  

Sunday was chilly......39 when I got up and we had a ride on tap.  Scattered clouds and ominous sky.  I took Zen out for a walk in my cycling gear and about 10 minutes in the skies opened up.  So much for that outfit...quick change, more clothes, jacket and I was off to meet KP and Jay for a ride up the coast and through Elfin. Sensational day- not another drop of rain but chilly indeed.   Good fun and conversation and that great feeling of exercising when it is cold.

And that my friends is the weekend.... relaxing Sunday as the kids prep to go back to school.  Holidays are fun for us all... no stress of homework and more family time in the evenings. Watched Social Network - great flic!

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