Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mammoth ++

Christmas has come and gone... What to say. Christmas Eve at Mom and Billy's with fresh crab. JD, John and Billy bought the live crab at Ranch 99 on Friday morning while Liz and me were riding around RB and Scripps Ranch. They successfully cooked and cleaned them while I was savoring a latte at Peet's with Riley and Zen. We had a relaxing day and a siliceous dinner topped off with presents, Christmas cookies and Seas Candy. Heavenly!

Christmas AM began with a short run with Zen and my Santa hat. Starbucks Christmas blend coffee and the a 90 minute run with Marion. It was chilly but felt good to run again... Blister is healing and tendon is almost normal too. Running slow but after not running for 5 weeks it feels good to be back at it. Post run called for an ice bath for my foot and legs than may not have been ready for 90 minutes. Lucky for me our pool is a balmy 50 degrees-perfect. I sucked it up for 10 minutes and Marion maybe 2. Just about the time the "therapy" was done, Riley rolled out of bed. Egg strata in the oven and coffee cake baking and soon JD rolls down. Granny and Papa arrived around 10 and we had a delicious breakfast... Ok a bit cocky as I cooked it, but heck I enjoyed it. Mom brought the fruit salad... Good food and a few Christmas cookies for dessert. This explains the much needed run- my weakness for Christmas cookies. Metabolic (not) efficient this week. It seems to be all or nothing in that department for me.

After breakfast we enjoyed my favorite Christmas tradition....stockings. We all enjoy stuffed stockings, regardless of one's age. I stuff the kids stockings and John's and my mom did mine for years. JD and Riley took over the tradition and are now in charge of mine. Add the fact that JD can drive and my stocking was the best ever this year. See we like to throw in a few pranks for good fun...like when JD received condoms last year. So this year my cherished gifts included travel sized Spam (mom), Summers Eve (my kids -seriously), Disney underwear and some favorites - black licorice, Whoppers and gum! So much fun.

I soon found myself in a food and present coma.....chilled on the couch and nap time. Kids left for their dad's late afternoon ands. It was time for phase 2. Shower, coffee, food prep and off to Dad and K's for dinner. Sparkling wine, great company and fully enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Stunning table, standing rib roast, robust Cabernet and sides to top it all off. I could feel another food coma coming on....
Julie, Mom and John                                                                                                                                       Reindeer John

                                                                                    Dad and Kathi

Elf Billy

Home by 9 and so, so tired. Snuggled in bed with riding plans on the 26th..Great Western Loop. Rain was coming but predicted from midnight -5am only and I was counting on that. I heard the rain on and off all night but woke up to quiet. Yeah baby! Wet roads but no rain. John promptly said no- sleeping in. Marion bailed- wet and cold, but offered to come (if she had to). Jen had a late Christmas and was sleeping in...heck I wanted to ride. So I took Zen for a walk and headed to El Cajon. I knew there were a few other groups riding so I would have company. Sure enough SDBC was riding and other random groups. I put on my iPod and headed out. Wet roads, chilly but my motivation is returning..and admittedly I had Christmas cookies in my jersey for "fuel.". Rain on the way up and then the sun came out and it was awesome. Yes I'm out of shape but dang it felt good to bout there again in the same week. And then the ultimate reward Starbucks!!

Rolled home....thought about post Christmas shopping but could not muster the energy. Came home and did some serious bike cleaning and major wheel, tire changing. See I have a brand new bike! Thank you Nytro and Colnago. So new TT bike (which rocks) means I am selling the KestrelAirfoil which has served me well for 18 months!! But had to move the sweet Reynolds wheels off the TT bike to my road bike, the wheels off my Kestrel with the power tap onto the Colnago and the wheels off my road bike onto the Kestrel. Not just a wheel swap...cassette swap and tire swap- see the road bike has pink tires and the Kestrel has orange and the brash colors must stay with the corresponding bike....why? Come on you know why. So all 3 bikes now have the right wheels and corresponding tires. Now if it would only stop raining I can ride my new bike.....no way the new bike is going out in the rain or on wet roads. Soon enough......

And here we are now in Mammoth. So l swore I would never ski New Years week..why? Most crowded week of the year, lift tickets are inflated and accommodations are overpriced. I regress...when it was pouring in San Diego it was dumping in Mammoth...some 11 ft worth, the kids are out of school, John. Is off work....and well more snow is coming. You only live once and we went for it.

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