Thursday, September 30, 2010

7 days......

1 week and I am will be in Kona!  Oh yeah.....cannot wait.  Funny in someways it seems like it was just June and other times it seems like this race has been looming forever.

As KP says...calm the mind.  I have to say, my mind is calm.  I don't feel pressure, anxiety or unease.  Surely that will change when hit Alii Drive and see all the competitors but for now, I am enjoying the peace within.  My confidence is good....looking where I was 4 weeks ago to now, I am pleased.  What is my fitness level? Hard to say, but I do know with less than 2 weeks to race day, the work is done. Nothing can be gained fitness wise between now and race day, so that is reassuring and worrisome as well.  

I say I have not expectations of this race....but that would be a lie.  Of course I have some expectations on timing....but there is not the pressure of where I place.  Being at the top of my AG, I am looking for a good day and  strong finish!  After the nightmare of last year, I am looking at a conservative race plan and if there is fuel in the tank, there is a lot of time to lay it down on the marathon. 

The heat has been my nemesis always....I'll take cold over hot any time.  Kona, frankly is not every cold, so I have been doing my part to acclimate to the heat.   I listened to a presentation by Jim Vance, read a lot from the experts, consulted my coach and have tried to do what I can to acclimatize.  With the searing heat in San Diego this weekend and now considering we don't have air conditioning I am pretty much acclimating sitting in my house and trying to sleep at night.   It was so miserably hot last night I went swimming right before bed and dunked a tank top in the water and went to bed soaking wet, windows open and fan on high.  Worked until about 1am and I dunked again and was able to sleep again.  Not ideal but not worried about racking up the sleep this week....its nice to sleep and be refreshed, but well, cannot have everything.
I was gong to pull the futon out and sleep in the backyard but after our diner ala fresco and the mosquito that joined us, I elected not to. So I went for heat training and sleeping.....

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