Thursday, July 29, 2010

Riding Dirt Bikes

So while I am sending Riley off on her ocean adventure....I later find out JD and Braman are zooming all over Moab on dirt bikes.

Could the kid be any happier!

They had an adventure for sure..... Night 1 in the Suite at the Sheraton Steamboat. Night 2- riding dirt bikes until dark and cooking chicken over an open fire while camping in Utah. Night 3- a seedy motel near Hoover Dam where it was 124 degrees.

A movie star..... (in his bike jersey)  love that guy

Last stop Hoover Dam

I was excited when they rolled in on Monday afternoon....dirty, smelly, car trashed and Zen and I happily greeted them!   Nice to have 3/4 of the family together for now. 

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