Monday, July 19, 2010

Devils Causeway Hike

Sunday was a recovery day so it seemed like a great idea for a 10 mile hike!  The most recommended hike was Devils Causeway- so we went for it.  About an hour drive from our house but it was well worth it.  My brother and sis-in-law, JD, Riley and I headed out around 7am. We were on the trail by 8:30 ready to hike.
JD, Riley and Nancy (sis-in-law)

We started around 8000ft and immediately started climbing.  The scenery was beautiful, wildflowers all over and open meadows, lakes and beautiful clear skies.  Hiking is not one of my usual activities so I have to readjust my expectations- slower pace, this is not a race and just settle in an enjoy.  I was a bit skeptical about the kids but they did great. 

We moved along, the air got thinner and we stopped a few times to ensure everyone was happy :)  

Stopping and looking back was rewarding as well just to prove we really were making progress.

We passed after the bulk of the climbing before the final push to the top and the Devils'Causeway.  We were warned that many do not make it across the causeway- the actual causeway is about 100 ft across and is quite treacherous as you can see in the first photo.  But we crab walked, went on all 4's and managed to successfully make it across!

JD was excited about the cow scull and was going to bring it home as a souvenir, but soon realized it was a bit too fresh for his liking.

Scott (my brother) and Nancy- pausing as we trekked up
Here we are approaching the Causeway

Riley, Scott, JD and me are successfully across and are waiting for Nancy- Riley is holding her breath - sometimes it's harder to watch someone else cross.  

Success! We all made it across and now it was a long hike around down and around back to the car.
It was mostly downhill so it was easier to breath- but I have to say when we were at 11.000+ ft - the air was thin!

All in all I was so impressed by the kids!  Riley rolled her ankle toward the end but was a  trooper and moved right along.   It was hot, there were a lot of mosquitoes- poor Riley, JD and Nancy got eaten alive. I killed a lot but did only suffered a few bites.

One wrong move and this was what you would roll down off the causeway. So really it was quite frightening.

The top was definitely above the tree line and Riley even found some snow.  Not exactly fresh powder but still fun to come upon.  She got a burst of energy once on top, she was running along and sprinting to various points.  Really- 11,000 ft- girl was not phased. 
 Our car was parked at the far end of the lake pictured.  Long way away!  

It was just so great to spend the day with the kids and family.  Having them of an age to hike and do such fun things is really special.  Hike was 5 hours in total and we were hot and dusty by the time we made it back to the car.  Different muscles are sore from all the walking, that is for sure! 

JD and GJ (Grandpa Jim- my Dad) were up early for some Fly Fishing.  My Dad was an avid fly fisherman when we were young and lived in Denver and JD is an aspiring fisherman.  The opportunity came up to go to a "fishing club" with my Dad's friend of old who lives up here. So the week before we took off, Dad came over to give JD his first lesson in fly fishing.

So off the went today in hopes of catching (and releasing) some fish at Skylark.


  1. Wow..that looks like it was a beautiful hike! And, I think it's so great that you got to go hiking with your whole family. My boys are only 3 and 5, and while we can go on short hikes, I can't wait until they're older to go on longer ones!

  2. I miss hikes like that. Enjoy!~