Sunday, June 20, 2010

Huge volume week.....why?

Just logged my biggest volume week, ever, I think?  Marion asks me this AM, why?  What are you training for? My next big race is in October- so what gives?  Why, because I can, I did, was motivated?  All good answers right.  As I take on this venture of self coaching I may push the envelope a bit, may over do it but want to test the waters and see.  Self coaching?  I am planning to get my USAT Level 1 Coaching license in September and hope to start coaching other triathletes. I am also taking a class this summer at UCSD on Exercise Physiology and plan to continue classes to learn more about the human body and exercise.  I am so excited and eager to begin the process.  I am reading books, taking webinars and become more of a student of the sport that I thought possible.  Once I have the certification I hope to put some of this to practice.  Education is not free!  Well anything past high school any way so I had to make a decision about my coach.

It was so hard and one I wrestled with but finally decided I just had to do it.  I found KP 3 years ago after meeting one of his fellow athletes.  I was in my first season on racing and had just done Vineman.  Puked my guts out on the run, walked most of the last 6 miles, was racing on a stress fracture and actually did have a coach at the time, just not the right one for me.   Kevin got me healthy, eased me back into running shape and then began my journey to my first Ironman.  June 2008 I finished IM CdA and did it respectfully.  The knowledge, advice and time he committed was amazing,  I toed up on that big day, feeling ready physically and mentally.  One year later, at that same race, KP was there to support a few of us and I had the race of my life, earning a slot to Kona.  We have become good friends along the way and I am eternally grateful for his commitment to me, for believing in me when I did not, for his marital counseling skills, psychological counseling and for sharing his years of experience to often put things in perspective.    Would I be heading to Kona for the 2nd time without him.....not really sure and I am willing to give him the bulk of the credit,.  I followed his direction, challenged it at times and learned so much.

There are many different ways to coach and  I hope to emulate much of what KP is able to do. As he noted, writing a plan is not that difficult, it is managing all the other aspects. And that is what excites me about coaching- the ability to help others through the emotional ups and downs of training, balancing family and spousal commitments, time management, making compromises and more.  The kind of coach that is available to answer questions, works through unexpected issues that alter training, understanding we have to be flexible....

The test for me now is can I take what I learned and continue to grow in this sport.  Age is working against me for sure but I still have more to learn, limits to push and will see what comes next.   So I find this funny....week 1 on my own and I blow out the volume, is this a good thing?  We will see- am I planning another week of the same- NO. 1- would not be smart  2- kids have tournaments next weekend so parenting takes a front seat vs long hours of training 3- I am 43 and my body cannot take that week after week.

So it is quite interesting to plan my week but as I venture onto week 2- it seems okay!


  1. I started coaching myself this year after being coached by JH last year... I learned a TON from Jen and my time with her was very valuable! BUT, this year I am enjoying the heck out of coaching myself. I think once you understand the concepts of stress and recovery and pushing the envelope, you can successfully coach yourself, maybe even better than anyone else can coach you... given that YOU are the only one who really knows and understands how you are feeling day to day. It's just hard sometimes for us to be *smart* and hold ourselves back sometimes the way a coach would. Lol.

  2. good post... and way to charge the self coaching things. i have worked with quite a few coaches over the years and have learned so much stuff from each one of them. it's all about learning...

    i coach myself now but i am armed with tons of knowledge i've learned along the way.

    changing things up can be a good thing...

    hopefully i'll be able to make one of your gnarly rides again soon.