Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Training.....not so much

First week post IM I was tired and hungry and not looking to do much...

Now I'm feeling a lot better and looking to get back in the routine, sort of. Okay not really. but face it my friends are triathletes and we swim, bike, run together and when I am not doing a lot of that well I don't see a lot of my friends.

Funny too how you become closer to different people different times of the year- all based on who is racing a the same time. With all the training we do, then the living of our lives and work, we don't have a lot of time to just hang out and socialize. So the socializing and training go hand in hand.

Thank goodness for FB, we all stay connected that way, but that is just not the same.

So my point in all this....I miss my friends! But I don't quite miss the long training. Nor am I jumping at the bit, so to speak, to get back at it. I am quite content with the 30 minute run, 1 hour swim- which I love- because if I don't like the main set- I just get out, and my big ride on Saturday included more time at Peets that it did riding. Not too shabby.

My commitment to Yoga is flourishing...I have gone 1 time and I was so tired I spent a lot of time in child's pose and Savasana (or the corpse) Not sure how much benefit I was getting just laying there- but darn it, it felt good. I was in the very back and whenever it was mildly uncomfortable I was collapse. I figured too soon to suffer again. Plus the fellow yogis were staring at me in my running shorts and compression sock get up. No hip and trendy yoga clothes for me. Tomorrow- I have it on my calendar and a reminder on my phone - so no excuses.
Julie doing Savasana

So the day after IMSG Trevor and I were complaining and complaining and saying that was so bad I would not race if someone stopped me on the street and gave me a free entry...Trevor said he would not even do it again if someone paid him. Okay I had to take pause there...pay me? well maybe. So I decided if a random person gave me a free entry and paid me $500 I would do IMSG again. We laughed and that was that..

So last night I dreamed that I got an email saying... we are calling you on your word- it was an entry and a check for $500 dated for May 2, 2011. I was freaking out, no, no, not again.....$500 is not enough, I need more....I woke up in a sweat- holy cow! Maybe for $1000......:)

I have bad news about my shoulder but don't feel like writing about it now.....maybe tomorrow

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  1. That's funny about your dream. Not even for $1000!?!? I think I'd do it for $1000. (I say that having NOT done it this year- ha!) But I bet it wouldn't be so hard if you didn't go so fast. ;)