Friday, May 7, 2010

Less emotional Ironman St George Race Recap

So the question that is asked again and again....would you do it again? With each day that distances me from the race, the probability increases. Really? yes....and here is why.

WHY to race IMSG again
It's close- driving to an IM is awesome.
- road tripping is fun
- packing is a lot easier
- you can bring everything and not worry about it
- no bike stress- pack/unpack, airline fees etc
Early season IM
- I like to race early- which is why I do O'side each year
- If you are looking to qualify, its nice to get it done and be able to take a nice long break and
then begin the work for Kona- really make it 2 seasons
- Helps keep the weight off during the holidays (although did not work so well for me this year- so if you do gain weight it comes off in January when the long rides and runs stack up
Fair Course
- sure there was some drafting but not a lot- the hills really break up the groups
1 Loop Swim
- this is nice, not having to get out and run around a timing mat
- opens up fast as the 1st buoy is 1000 yards away
Bragging rights
- face it, now that it is done and it was every bit as brutal as expected and maybe even worse due to the conditions - it is awesome to say oh yeah, I was there
Possibly this was the worst
- Every IM has it's bad years- the year WI was over 100 and the year CdA was over 100 and the year it poured rain etc. Maybe this was a fluke, just like ALL the locals said. Really, the water is usually around 65 (not 53), the weather is mid 70's (not 60) and there are not gale force winds (some wind, but not a lot)
- Time will tell on that one- if the next few years are awesome...then well bragging rights get even bigger


Windy, not minor head wind, but this wind sucked big time
Freezing water- I am not a wimp, I do O'side each year and it is 59/60, I did IMCdA and it was 58 and this water was not close to either temperature. Rumor was it was 51-53
Run was a total bitch - nuff said (maybe not a reason not to do SG, but still a sore point for me- literally- since my quads are still tired Race + 5days)
Roads are miserable- chipped seal is just not made to ride on- possibly repave the road?
Cattle Guards- can you put more than plywood over then that call for mandatory bunny hops or risk bottle launches- I actually saw a speedfill, how the heck does that launch out- It takes 2 of us to get mine out....I'm just sayin
Split transition...
-having the start 20 miles away is just tiresome to drive out and do pre race swims and not to mention having to catch a bus at 4:30 from T2 to get to the swim start
- registration in a 3rd location
- no Ironman village feel- the vibe where it all happens is not happening in SG
- on race check in day - drive 20 miles and drop off bike + T1 bag and then go back to T2 to drop off run bag
- race morning- drop off special needs at T2 and board a bus to T1-
Town shuts down on Sunday
- so the final weeks of race prep and I cut out alcohol, most sweets and watch what I am eating to be in the best shape for race day
- post race is all about eating and drinking
- no alcohol sold in stores on Sunday! Thank goodness Trev and I stocked up in NV on our way out so we had some sweet celebration wine
- the famous frozen custard place we were told we HAD to go to- closed on Sunday.
- Fro Yo- closed on Sunday as was pretty much everything but the ColdStone and Sbux

I'm sure there will be more.....but for now that is it.

Never say never....I will see how the weather is the next 2 years before I go back. Will the repave the roads? Doubtful. Make the course easier? Not sure I want them to do that- just pick an easier IM- keep it tough, just the other factors are well....not my favorite.

But I will not leave on a negative....road trip out with Trev was a blast! Good times. Condo was ideal and Trev, KP, and John. We had some good times.... Met some new friends, always a bonus. Hung with some San Diego buddies and watched a few complete their first IM - priceless. Lots of familiar faces on the course- because it was so close to home. And my Kona slot, so how can really be a bad place.....Maholo SG!


  1. Great report. Can't wait to toodle along and yammer away with you again soon.

  2. - road tripping is fun Really? Really? Huge Break Through!