Saturday, May 1, 2010

Been busy around here....

Pre race is usually days of relaxing and chilling out, reading blogs and writing blogs. But we seem to have been busier than usual this race week.

Great drive out on Wed- painless, managed to find a few Starubucks along the way and hit the last stop in Nevada to load up on post race wine (fearing the wine selection may be weak due to the majority of the population abstaining from alcohol)

Cruised in and found our condo-great spot and as we drove up to park I parked between 2 SUV's with bike racks and Mdot stickers. We are in the right place. As you looked at the rest of the cars....License plate SWBKRU, I140.6 and frames and all IM related gear. Sweet condo, spacious and very comfortable. The owner many times explained how well they take care of it, recently did a major renovation and was hesitatnt to give me the unit number prior to arrival in fear we were planning a big party. I finally asked if he knew what an Ironman was and he did not, once I explained, he acquiesced and gave me the number. I assured him we are upstanding citizens and are responsible. Not to mention the 4 bikes alone we hauled in are worth more than the major renovation- no parties here, just a lot of carbs and sleeping.

We went for an ez spin upon arrival and could harldy stay on our bikes, huge winds and major gusts. Temperature was warm and we had on tri tops and no arm/leg warmers- it felt like summer. But we knew that too would pass.

Thur AM it was 44 and chilly and calm. We headed to the Reservoir (Sandhollow State Park) 20 miles from here and the finish line. Got lost a few times and finally arrived out in the middle of no where! Water temp was posted at 60- sweet. Well until we jumped in and it was not 60, not 58, we later heard 55. Which is ice cream headache, shocking temperature- so cold that after a 20 minute swim we could not talk. Frozen cheeks.....

We change, dry clothes (jersey/arm wamers+ shorts and shoes with toe covers and socks) and rode out into the gusty, now chilly winds. Freezing on the bike- time to rethink race day- hopping out of the water in my tri suit and getting on the bike wet, which is what I have done in every Ironman, every race for that matter.

Short run on the dam with a tail wind out that was wonderful and a headwind back that felt like someone was pushing against my shoulders with both arms.

Wow is all I can think...forget Ironman, this is going to be an adventure race!

Stopped for coffee....yes! And the off to registration and bodymarking- again, what the heck? Bodymarking takes place race morning with a big magic marker. But here they are airbrushing on a temporary tatoo with a stecil. Sounds cool but the line was over 30 minutes....kid you not. I fell for it and after my number was on my arm I was told to go to the other line for my age on my calf. Forget it- time to get off my feet. I then found out that they are doing traditional body marking race morning - this is a new approach they are trying and it stays on for 5-7 days. Gee, I really need 43 printed on my calf for a week! No thanks- Sharpe works for me. So for the non tri geeks- your race number goes on your arm and your age on your left calf so everyone can see how old everyone is. We race against those in our age group so its great to see if the person going by is 40 or 38- if she's 38 who cares, if she is 40 she is now potentially going to beat me.

More later....gotta run it's time to race baby!

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