Monday, March 15, 2010

Training, birthdays, travel

A lot to catch up on :)
Decided to surprise my sis in Boulder for her 50th birthday! Plane and car bookings were easy – the tough parts come in working in training. I booked a flight for mid morning Saturday to get there in time for the surprise party.

Oops, Saturday was my long ride- pretty much no way to ride 5 ½ hours and catch an 11am flight- so I backed up the ride to Friday. Caroline kept me company for 4 hours and then I rode another 2 alone, well with my iPod, and had a solid 6 hours and over 8000 ft of elevation! Perfect IMSG ride. Planned a transition run but work was calling and I had a few hours under my belt before I realized it. The run as put aside for a shower and the driving Riley to lacrosse, dropping the boys at the HS for their game, picking up Riley and then taking her to a self defense class. Whew….I then realized we (JB and I had maybe 90 minutes before the kids came home) I decide perfect for a nice surprise dinner- candles, wine and romance. Best laid plans but he worked late- I almost tipped him off but I really wanted it to be a surprise…..I tried! Zen and I enjoyed the basil chicken and roasted yams. Skipped the wine- 6 hour ride + alcohol not a good mix.

Up early for my long run- thankfully JC joined me for 90 minutes. Training for IM when your buddies are not means you take their company for as long as their workout is. So I ran 20 min and met JC and we did his 90 min and then I ran home. Not too bad actually.

Ice bath in the 58 degree pool and quick shower and change and off to the airport for my Boulder fun. I was through the security and debating whether or not to get Starbucks (do I want caffeine or do I want to remain tired and possibly sleep on the plane?) When I check out the monitor to confirm my gate only to see the dreaded words of airline travel DELAYED. And to find out the delay is 3 hours. Ohhhhh. I immediately text my bro-in-law (cryptically as you never know when a spouse may be reading texts) to alert him that 1- I was going to be too late to help with the last minute party prep and 2- maybe too late to make the surprise.

Thank goodness for fee Wi-Fi and I settled in (with caffeine) and did the work I needed to finish up, prepped for next week and then did all the fun web surfing that we all love to do.

Finally we are on the plane, in Denver soon and in my rental car. Guzzling Red Bull now, I am tired; I call JD and give him my ETA. He is stalling sis in a bar and I make it in the nick of time. She was so surprised- blown away, tear filled and so elated. And then I casually walk up and it was priceless. The fun of surprise and family, second to none!

Had a fantastic weekend with my nieces and sis and bro-in-law. I woke up on time for masters on Sunday- 1- very cold outside, snow was forecasted 2- indoor pool- yuck 3- swimming at altitude- gasping for air 4-great work out and rounded out a solid week of training! Delicious Boulder breakfast followed by an afternoon of strolling through Boulder, coffee and eventually wine with my Sis. Great fun.

Back home and a few days of solid training and then time to back off, not a taper per se, but “freshening up “before Oceanside 70.3. I cannot afford the time for a full taper as I have Ironman SG in 6 weeks- that is my A race. So we are walking a fine line- how much training can I get in and not be tired for Oceanside….that is KP’s job to figure out J

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