Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are you crazy....

says the women in the locker room this morning when I tell her I am signed up for Ironman St George. She says, "it seems Ironman decided to make a horrendous course and see what happens. No frickin way, not ever." she says....so I begin to think- why, really as if an Ironman is not enough pain and suffering, why pick one with a tough ride and run??

Why not.....I am a climber on the bike! The bike is the longest part of an Ironman. Makes sense. As for the run...well, maybe I am just a glutton. Who knows, but the money is paid, injuries are in check and on the mend so let the hill repeats begin!

Riding is not the issue...GWL, Mt Laguna, Kitchen Creek and the like will prep me for the hilly course. The run is the issue....fortunately I live in a hilly hood so every run, yes, every run will be hilly. I have a relatively flat 40 minute run but that is off limits until after IMSG. Embrace the hills and this weekend it is back up Black Mountain!

Tough day around here with the pup....hard day for him. Seems the 3 hamburgers for dinner did not set so well. Poor Rocky he did not even want to go out to the park today. JD and Riley slept downstairs with him last night. He was surrounded by his pack. He rejected peanut butter this morning, one if his favorite things.

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