Saturday, January 23, 2010

The sun is shining.....

Finally!!! Between travel and the torrential downpour this week I was not on my bike all week. Ouch! Mega week last week and minor week this week. Plans to roll at 8 and at 7:30 it was pouring but there was blue sky West and East....just rainfall on my hood. Texting C- are we good to go? Decide to reconfirm at 8, by 7:50 blue sky and no clouds in sight. Bundled up as it was chilly, 47 to be exact so not exactly freezing but not balmy. Tunes in my ears and it was great to be riding again. Me C and J on El Apajo and we were rolling. Chilly and some ominous clouds but we were hopeful. Up Del Dios and Lake Hodges looked like a massive mud pit. Roads are filled with debris, bike line is often non ridable and we have lovely mud skid marks up our backs and rears, but we are happy to be riding. We are heading East to Lake Wolford and there are lots of happy peeps on their bikes. Few cloud scares but all in all it was awesome! Well until I picked up a massive nail coming back into Escondido....big flat, filthy bike, malfunctioned valve, 3 CO2's but it was all good and were rolling soon, well not really, but eventually.

So the company was great, the ride was good but I really don't like all the traffic (scary) and the spot lights. When I first met my good friend E and she took me to GWL I remember her saying, "riding out here is like being on crack, it is so addictive" I had not ideal what the heck she meant but now I totally know. East County- whether it is GWL, Kitchen Creek, Sunrise never or maybe only 1 time have to stop and unclip. We ride for hours and miles and don't stop and there is VERY little traffic. So driving 30-40 min to ride is 1- not very environmental 2-takes a lot of time....but is a huge amount of fun! So there you have it. The bonus is we have choices and we can do them all.

Health update.....success in the swim department- 3 days and up to 2100 yards pain free. yee haw. Looks like Masters is on the agenda for next week! ( I hope anyway) Running- had a great week of consistent running- 30 minutes a day and NO hip pain when running. Some aching after but with good stretching and ice - it goes away. Thursday my shin flared up! What the H? I have not had shin splints in years....come on people - let me train! I ran Friday and minimal pain when running but sore after- so I have a new spot for ice, heat and treatment. Poor KP- I went for ART and he asked now which hip, where is the new pain, how much time to you have? All I can say.... being young is a blessing- is you are under 40 relish it, appreciate it and know that with each year...well enough said. Back to being happy!

Tough week as a parent- really it is not easy and not a picnic! Enough said.

Family in town - Awesome. Bro, sis-in-law and niece/nephew from down under are in San Diego for 2 weeks. Terrific reuniting dinner on Friday in their rented (very cool) pad in Bird Rock. Mom and B there and it was good fun, good fun and of course a lot of hide and seek. H.S with a 2 and 4 year old it quite funny....where ever you hide, they hide there for their turn. If you don't find them immediately they start shouting "over here" And with the beauty of kids...the game can go on and on and on. It is just so fun to run around and play with them again!

Tomorrow is all about lacrosse...Riley in the morning 2 games and JD 2 in the afternoon and then to Mom's for another big family dinner!

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