Monday, January 4, 2010

Reality hits hard....

Back from vacation and it really is a bummer....depressed household last night as the kids prepped for school and we did out 100th load of laundry, cleaned up and the house is still a mess. Ugh, would rather be on the boat and hanging with the family.

Flight home was painful....leaving at 11am vs 10pm (which we did when we flew over) makes it hard to get good sleep. Thanks to on demand movies and TV we were all in a hypnotized state of media. I start with the more intellectual movies, check out a few documentaries and then as I get tired the intellectual content of the films go down rapidly and I find myself watching 500 Days of Summer. All About Steve and digressing to TV shows. We did have the fortune of having 2 New Years Eve's. The first on one OZ we slept through but shortly after we crossed the Intl Date Line we gained a day back and did the countdown on the plane. No champagne but many of the flight attendants were sporting NY's hats and blinking tiara's and headbands. Quite festive actually.

We landed at LAX 6am and bleary eyed....managed customs and baggage- all the bags arrived and out good natured gate agent in Sydney kindly did not charge us the $300 for John's bike. So it was not at $600 venture for the bike, only $300. Which is good since the epic riding he had hoped for did not come to fruition.

We are rolling at 7:30 on empty freeways and in serious search of a Starbucks. Caffeine in hand off we went and were home to see the puppies by 10am. They were soooo happy to see us and no attitude for being gone so long. Other than needing a serious bath- they were perfect.

Going through the mail and all the Christmas cards was fun and a great way to delay the inevitable. Riley went straight to bed, soon followed by JD. I was feeling good and started cleaning, went for a short run- which was derailed due to my deteriorating body - painful hip, and did some food shopping. The usually overflowing food source was barren. At the tail end of shopping I bonked, hit the wall and barely made it home and headed to bed. Ah glorious sleep.

The gallon of water I drank after the flight caught up with me and I woke up 90 minutes later out of a drooling, REM dead sleep. I forced myself to get up and try to get back on CA time.

Saturday morning we were up and out the door by 7:15 to meet some friends in Pine Valley for a ride to Julian. No better way to shake jet lag than a long hilly ride. It was sensational- sunny, clear and beautiful. From Mt Laguna (6000ft) we could see downtown, Catalina Island and Pt Loma. Never seen it so clear. The ride was great, pie in Julian well earned and my legs felt terrific. Nothing like a taper for a big ride - or that is how it felt anyway.

Fully expected to crash hard Sat night but no....body was on Ozzie time and I was wide awake at 11, 12, 1am....caved and took a Tylenol PM and crashed hard then. Dragged myself up at 7am to try and get on schedule. NY Resolution- Yoga. So I went at 10:30- a perfect class for me- Yoga Stretch- not too complicated or fast moving and was what I needed. KP did some major work on my shoulder and hip and made some progress- finally! He was able to manipulate the shoulder and I had full ROM pain free which means it must be muscle/tendon related vs joint and that we can work with, same for the hip.

By last night I was feeling noticeable relief in both I am feeling a bit more optimistic, Riding on Saturday I was thinking I may have to bail on IMSG - if I cannot run or swim at all now and who knows for how long, how can I be fit and ready to race May 1. KP talked me down off my panic ledge and we are taking this one week at a time. If I can slowly, SLOWLY, is the key word (or so I am told) get back in water and running next week and SLOWLY build up, all will be fine. So I am listening to KP 100% and trusting his guidance to get me back on track and training again full time soon!

As for work....yes my turn to face reality as well. Time to get back at it again to support this crazy addiction called Triathlon.

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