Tuesday, December 22, 2009

JD Takes Fishing Lessons From Ella

So JD has been enamoured with fishing for well over a year. And frankly with little success. He packed his rod and reel and managed to leave the rod in the car in LA. So yesterday we headed to K-Mart, of all places, and picked up a retractable travel rod. Scott decided we should stop at the local marina for some advice from a real fisherman.

We ask the owner and he directs us to Ella....
So Ella is a charismatic 9 year old Aussie whose parents work at the Marina. She is referred to as the local fishing expert. JD very tentatively engaged her. She was not bashful and took a hand on approach. Unpacked the rod, strung the line, asked if he needed help with the sinkers and hooks....it was classic. With a bit of encouragement JD asked about bait and she retrieved the prawns and confidently demonstrated how to remove and toss the head and how to maneuver the hook thorough the body.
The final lesson was a demonstration in casting.
Posted by PicasaIt was great fun and a good lesson. JD caught 3 fish today....all too small to keep but at least he is catching and not just fishing.

I am sure JD wished Ella was 15....but well taking lessons from a girl can be good for a young man.

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