Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good day indeed

What a day....definitely on vacation.... Up early due to jet lag and time change for a leisurely breakie on the deck with the crew. Did not take long for JD to convince Uncle S to take the boat out and soon we were all packing up for some water skiing and an adventure. N went for a nice ride - ugh no bike for me yet.

JD popped up on 2 skis no issue and after a long ski went for the single and again popped up. He skied for a long time, dipped the nose and wiped out. My shoulder is too sore to imagine skiing and Riley was not ready today. We zipped along with Taz and Jax on board and stopped to swim a bit at a beach before heading to Cottage Point.

Got lucky with a spot to tie up and had a wonderful lunch- S and JD devoured fish and chips and I thoroughly enjoyed an Aussie scone and beer. Gotta love vacation- no exercise and beer for lunch. We jammed home in time to hop in the car and meet Michelle, the wonderfully generous Aussie who is loaning me her road bike so I can ride a bit. Of course the pedals are not the I laid down some cash for new cleats and tubes, C02 etc.

Bit of shopping- more food for the ravenous teenage boy and back to the house to see the finishing touches on the Gingerbread houses JD and Riley were making with Taz (4) and Jax (2) That followed by hide and go seek and numerous other games. So great to see the cousins having such a good time.

Enjoyed a spot of Aussie Egg Nog and Rum and a delicious dinner on the deck- thanks to Nancy. We worked on the Gingerbread House - after we tried to use the roof as sidewalls and could not figure out why 1- it would not stand and 2- why it looked so demented. Once we had the sides as the sides it worked much better. 3 of us, holding the sides and roof and waiting for the frosting to cement the house. Little kids are long in bed as we work away and Riley put the finishing touches on the house. Pictures to come.....

Good times and a terrific welcome to Australia. Life really could not be much better...well only if Braman were with us. He got off the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and is on his adventure to work his way to Avalon Beach where we are. Not sure where he is but am sure he is enjoying it all.

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