Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread House

So Granny started the tradition when JD and RM were very young....Each year they would construct (with the help of a kit) a Gingerbread house and decorate them. We brought one with us to AU and Riley, JD and Taz and Jax spent the afternoon working on the project. Since there was one kit and 2 kids, they decorated it's individual pieces and one dry constructed the house,

They waited for some adult we put the sides up and frosted the house together. It did not seem quite right however...when we put the roof on it was apparent something was wrong. Thanks to Uncle Scott and his ability to follow the pictures on the box, we learned we had used the roof as the sides of the house...thus the following Gingerbread House.

Thankfully we figured it out and remade the house and we now have a very respectable Gingerbread House!

At some point, early on, JD and RM learned the house was made of frosting and yummy candy and the process was a management of eating sweets and building a house. Last year when Granny build the house with Taz and Jax they were told the frosting was cement and the candy was beads. No issue...well one year later and a bit more curious and maybe smelling the sugar they were covertly licking the cement. It is very cute as they have been told it is not to eat and they know that, but well, it is just to tempting :)

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