Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6 hours driving for a 90 minute meeting??

You betcha....Hey working from home is luxurious and the majority of the time I work in shorts and flips and throw on sweats and a hoodie when it chills down. So to actually shower and put on "real" clothes for a meeting with a potential client is quite enjoyable sometimes. The true key that I have not been in the real world for some time is when I have to dust off my shoes. See when you meet with cleints 10x a year you really don't need a huge wardrobe. I wear my favorite pants, tops and shoes every time since rarely am I meeting the same client twice. It gets tricky when I travel, ie my upcoming trip. 4 days of business causal attire and it must be all different. Since we will be in Puerto Rico the dress will be less business and more resort casual but definitly not my usual running shorts/t or cycling gear. There is no room for spandex on this trip. Room for my running gear- of course and I'll toss in my swim gear in case there is some down time and dip in the warm ocean is possible.

As I am headed out the door, JD rolls downstairs, sees me and says "wow" I styled, clothes, heels and even a briefcase. Great meeting, great lunch and so here is my confession how lame I am about dressing up. I leave the meeting and stop for gas and pop into the restroom with my shorts, t and flips in my briefcase. Out I come for my road trip home.....really like to be comfy. Good thing I did as the traffic was horrendous.

I has 6 Competitor Radio podcasts to catch up on so the drive was great. I listened to Chrisse W and Crowie's post Kona interviews- talk about motiving- hearing the 2 world champs talking I was ready to pull over and squeeze in a run, except well I am not training hard this week. Awesome to listen to Meb Keflezighi's interview after his recent win at the NY Marathon. What a great story of immigration from Eritrea. He recounts his father's journey of escape to Italy via Sudan and eventually brining the family to Italy and finally the US. He arrived in San Diego at 12 and did not speak any English. First time he saw a group runnning in Balboa Park he asked his mates what they were tracing. He soon logged a 5:20 mile in 8th grade PE and is career was born. He graduated San Diego High with a 4.0 and earned a full running scholarhip to UCLA. Really amazing young man....1st American to win NY Marathon since Alberto Salazar.

Came home to a quite house....John is working and the kids left this afteroon to go to thier dad's. As much as I love my family, I do love a quite house sometimes. I can do my thing at my own pace. For me usually that means clean up all the clutter when I arrive- just drives me nuts. But not today I laid on the floor with my boyfriend Rocky. I took Rocky to the vet yesterday to address his issues...legs giving out, not being able to get in my car, avoiding the stairs etc- I went with great trepidation and was releived I guess. No massive tumors, no hip dysplasai. He has spinal issues. Due to arthritus and his car accident 3 years ago he has some collapased, inverted and disolved discs. Where that happens bone grows and fuses the vertibrae together. The result is that the spine cannot bend in those places- so jumping is out and going up stairs is very painful. They don't do back surgery on dogs- thank goodness. Vet recommednaiton is another anti inflamatory coupled with the one he has (increasing the dose) and make him comfortable. There are side effects but the dog is in pain. I would rather have him happy and pain free for less time that in pain....Judging by his appetite he will be around for a long time.

Having 8 for dinner tomorrow I should be prepping, cooking etc....but am not. Enjoying the quiet afternoon, cleaned my bike and will figure our dinner tomorrow!! Time for some egg nog and brandy....that's what I'm talking about!


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