Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch Appointment

Jose's Courtroom

Has to be my all time favorite place to eat in San Diego....and this goes way back to my first hotel job at the Empress Hotel in La Jolla with my good friend T. We were young, clueless and figuring out how to sell. That included many happy hours at Jose's, hangover lunches and some late nights as well. Jose's was our Cheers. First name basis with the bartenders, we always ate the same meal Tostada Jose's (which they still have 15 years later but it's just not on the menu) and life was good.

So without a formal training plan in place I have time for lunch! What concept and it is not liquid calories on my bike or some bar substance.

I met an long time friend and former colleague at Jose's and it was so much fun! We worked together 13 years ago and she is not living in Atlanta but was in SD over the weekend for her 2nd Triathlon. Go Girl!! Welcome to the club of the most OCD people you will ever meet. She is so hooked, she wrote me for a recommendation on where to rent a bike. I of course recommend my friends at Moment Cycle but she also needed a wetsuit so I recommended Nytro. She arrived to rent her bike and ended up buying a new bike, wetsuit, shoes and more....She has been training and riding a Mtn Bike and she is now the owner of a new Kestrel Talon TT Bike. Good choice A, I love my Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL (well except for the SRAM RED) In any case she is all tricked out now and had an awesome race on Sunday. Totally bummed I missed her when I was out there freezing in the water.

Reflecting back on the swim in Kona and then following it up with Mission Bay could not have been more opposite. MB no visibility, smell of fuel and lingering sewage....nice spot for a race. Oh and no coffee boat in site.

Anyway A and I had an awesome lunch talking tri, work, kid, life, marriages the 2nd time around...so much fun!

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