Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting ready...

Had my last swim for espresso. Today they even had a sign on the ocean floor with an arrow to the Coffees of Hawaii boat. How can you beat that. KP served me in the water and I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the crowds. Swam in my kit and speedsuit and all was good- not that 20 minutes will determine much but hey - all will be good. Max out on the glide -

Short run through town and legs are loose and then it was last minute errands...needed a hat for the race, the one I have simply does not go. Found an awesome Ironman hat in bright green- will be easy to see me and the Ironman on my kit is green so there you go- color coordination.

Food, more food. Had to get my pre race meal- bread, organic peanut butter and local honey.

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